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DLs Are Tearing Up My Shins.


When I do a conventional deadlift I really scrape the top part of my shins. The bars at my schools gyms are bench bars and are brand new so the knurling is intense. I where thick sweats and still get tore up.

I was thinking of wrapping duct tape around a paper towel roll and cutting a slit longways and placing it over the part of the bar that scrapes my shins.

Anyonne else have this prob?


Yeah, it happens for some folks due to leverages. Try plastic shin guards for soccer if your towel roll idea doesn't work out.

Baby powder always helps keep things moving as well.



I'd say you just have to deal with it. Baby power helps the bar move against your shins and reduces friction but don't try the shin guards. Can you imagine how that would look? Also, I really have never seen a bench bar with the knurling anywhere near as good as a good deadlift bar.


Try wearing knee length socks. This allows the bar to still slide in the proper position, while saving your skin.



I've also heard of using duct tape, but make sure you have something between your skin and the tape if you're going to try this. Something like plastic wrap.

I also think the long socks thing is a good idea. Or you can do both, so the socks cover up the plastic wrap and duct tape.

Also, don't tape too tight, but tight enough to keep everything in place. You don't want to cut off any circulation, and you don't want it sliding down your leg.


Have you tried sumo DL? I can only conventional DL about the same weight as stiff-legged DL, because my knees get in the way. I switched to sumo and I never hit my shins (and added 100# to my DL.) I still do conventional for warmups to hit the muscles differently.


Foam underwrap is made especially for this:



Eh. I pull sumo, but I still have the groove of hairlessness and (sometimes) dried blood from the bar path. Accept the bloody shins as a mark of pride.



I'd also advise you post pics of the rest of your wardrobe to be sure everything coordinates. You can't go wrong with lots of Lycra.

Better yet, deadlifting itself looks strange to most people, so STOP IMMEDIATELY! If you can't work your back with a Smith Machine or pullies, you're not trying hard enough anyway.

Whew...sorry about the rant. Blood pressure coming down, must...take...nap. Zzzzz


Baby powder or socks. The lifter who taught me used to tell my that if my shins weren't bleeding, I wasn't doing it right. I also have the hairless area on my shins. Probably the only part of my body that's bald!!!


I always figured they were a sign I was doing them right (nice and close to the body), it got to the point that if I didnt get rips I was dissatisfied. Be resourceful though if you workout with a partner tie your towels around your legs.


Get a pair of X-large neoprene elbow warmers and wear it on your shins.


DL's = bloody shins = battle scars

Be proud that you actually do DL's on a regular basis and rock on.


You, sir, are an idiot.

To the folks saying to wear scars with pride - I'm all for that, except that it's a matter of cleanliness when you lift in a public/commercial gym.

If it's your bar at home, go for it. I've left some blood on my stones.



i cannot get why anyone have not mentioned this:

use the knee wraps u use for squatting and put them around the lower part of your legs from ancle till knee.


We pull with an okie bar. I usually just pack the bloody holes in my shins with chalk so I don't bleed on the bar too bad. When we go an eat after training I get the most unusual looks. Also, when I pull sumo the bar has to be against my shins for a proper stroke. I can pull conv with it away from my body a little.


I am all for the battle scars idea....trouble is their not healing and scarring over it just gets ripped up. I have seen dl bars where the knurling isnt almost to the middle of the bar but as I have only these bars to work with I will try out some of the ideas, thanks for the thoughts.


Regular ol' white athletic tape works for me... when my wife complains about the weird scars and scabs.

I only tear up the shin when I get carried away, mostly I just barely feel the bar ripping out whatever hair happens to have regrown.


Cut the top and bottom off a 2 litre plastic bottle, then cut the resulting cylinder in half lengthwise to make a pair of thin, flexible shin guards that will fit inside knee-length socks.

Accept the bloody shins as a badge of honour if you get them at a meet. Cutting yourself up rep after rep set after set during training is just dumb.


I must be doing something wrong! OK, so I have short legs, but I rarely scrape my shins, and when I do, it's usually a little bit under the knee. I've never drawn blood.

In case anyone's curious, I'm doing 1.5BW for 5 reps.

Not to highjack the thread, but does anyone have any ideas?