when I do romanian DL. I cant really feel it in my hams unless I keep my legs absolutely straight, the tension is mostly in my lower back that its more like 90% lowerback exercise for me and yes I do bend my knee very little and arch my back… what do I do wrong?

I few point I always try to tell myself are as follows:

  1. When going down, lead with your butt (like you were going to sit in a chair). STICK THAT BUTT OUT!

  2. Once the load is about 3-5 inches past the knees…your body weight should be transferring to your heels…are you doing that?

  3. Keep your head up!!! Do the lift in front of a mirror so that you can make sure you’re looking at yourself (stare yourself down if you have to).

  4. When bringing the weight back up, keep your arms straight (lock your elbows). Think of them as handles or “latches” and work those hammies my man!

  5. And finally, if you want to add a little pizazz to the exercise, use two 25 lb plates and put your toes on them while doing the lift…(this will help you to shift your body weight to your heels). Hope this helps you out!

And remember, just because you don’t “feel it” in your hamstrings, doesn’t mean they’re not getting worked.