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DL Volume/Frequency? (My Program)


Background: when I started lifting (some years ago), I had back pain with squats and DLs (among other causes, I used to hyperextend my back grossly, in order to keep the arch).
I started DLing about one year ago, very light: 90 lbs, and then slowly up.
Now I got 275@150 (1RM ~ 285).

I want to get more serious with my training, and get to a 330 DL ASAP.

Now, the question:
What is considered "high volume"/"high frequency"?

I'm now DLing twice a week, going through the following workouts: (A&B 1 week, C&A the next, B&C the next and so forth)

A: 15 reps @ 70-85% 1/week (sets of 3-5 reps)
B: 25 reps @ 85%+ (SLDL, sets of 7+ reps, done to below the knee)
C: 10 reps @ 85%+, heavy day, about 2" bigger disks, sets of 2-5 reps

As assistance, I do some light back flexion work (controlled ROM; I don't go into end range flexion).

Does it "seem" excessive? (I ask because I read that DLs are very draining)
Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Vlad


That looks ok I wouldn't say that's high volume but you have 1 or 2 high intensity days each week. Do you squat too?


I don't squat, do GM's or any other posterior chain/leg exercise. he only other PC loading during a week might be a few sets of stiff leg deads with a lighter weight.


Squats will help your DL, and vice versa. Why are you solely interested in just your DL numbers?


Your reps are WAY too high to be optimal for 1RM strength. They should be in the 1-5 range for deadlifts, and 5-10 range for SLDLs and RDLs.