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DL Stuck at 515. Best Exercises for Lockout?

from Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1

“One problem I see is that people feel they need to do something for everything. In reality, one or
two exercises can get the work done. I used to have problems with my grip and my lockout
when I deadlifted. I was given a laundry list of exercises I should do to bring these up: reverse
hypers, glute-ham raises, kneeling squats, shrugs, plate pinches, gripper work, finger-
strengthening work and gripper closes. No thanks.
After constantly failing and having my deadlift go nowhere, I came across Kroc Rows, as
described earlier. These did the trick like nothing else I?ve tried.
I did one or two sets of high-rep dumbbell rows every week. My upper back got bigger, my grip
problems went away, my lats got stronger, and my lockout improved ? and because my upper
back was so much stronger, my bench, in turn, was more stable. So with one exercise done for
two sets a week at most, many of my problems went away.
The point of the story is this: find your Kroc Row. Quit farting around with a million things for
your lower back and settle on the one that will make you strong”

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
I love KB swings for lockout. Whenever I train swings, my lockout is awesome. As soon as I slack, it falls apart.[/quote]
Hard. Doing sets of 90lb KB swings at the end of all my workouts helped my lockout a lot.