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DL Sticking Near the Ground. Accessory?


i pull conventional and my sticking point is a few inches off the ground. what is my weak spot and some decent accessory lifts for them? thanks.


working on same weak spot, try rack pulls with the plates just off the floor and deficit deadlifts.


Are you sure you aren't just straightening your legs out too early?

If not that, then I'd say get to work on GMs and also what HERC said. Some speed work could also be very helpful.


[quote]Chap Manly wrote:
Are you sure you aren't just straightening your legs out too early?


2 things will fix this:

1: Fix your form and actually use your hips when you deadlift
2: Do speed pulls

Do those in that order. No amount of extra or corrective exercises are going to help you if your form sucks. Film it, watch it, break it down, and be honest with yourself.


Weight's probably too heavy.


Good advice. My weak point is just off the ground, if it moves it goes. Reason one : the weight is to heavy. 2. It's to heavy. The solution is to get stronger, period.

I love Louie but some of his Westside philosophy with working weak areas etc.has lead to people thinking in that direction instead of getting stronger. My son can fall prey to this.

He's 15 years old and just missed a 340 deadlift at the top. I told him how I never miss up there. He's only 134 pounds or so and is going into his first meet at 132 in September. My answer to him is you just need to get stronger because you're still weak.

Now to answer your question, deadlifts against bands. Period. That's all I do I weigh 200 lbs. I'm 46 and just missed 585 last week. I'm shooting for that within the next month. And 600 by year's end.

They're going to teach you how to pull hard more than anything else. Yeah,form is an issue. Yeah, you might have weak points. but nothing works better than pulling harder and nothing teaches that better than the bands.

My pr is 375 against bands raw. Just about 200 pounds or so under my max. I'll start a cycle with 275 x 1 x 5, five singles total. Once I hit 315 I do three singles. At 345 for three sets, I decided to try a max the next week. I missed 585, but then hit a band pr. Maybe I could have done 385 without trying my regular max.

This week is 355 x 1 x 3. I'll add ten a week until max time.

If you can pull triple bodyweight with a suit or raw or 600+ , look into weak points. If that's not you , just get stronger, because you're the weak point.


If you pull conventional, I use a skid or pallet... whatever and use it for a deficit with bands.
It works great if you load the bar correctly.

I know I am Big Bencher but I am a 3 lifter. I just have a big bench...for me. I am always trying to get my dead or squat up to a good level.



"The weak spot" can basically be anything in my opinion. The whole back, abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings, grip and any combination...better to just train everything.


Heavy cheat barbell rows worked wonders for my training partner who had the same problem as yours.

I'd say follow StormTheBeach's advice first though. And just get stronger.


I have always had a speed off the floor problem. I recommend lighter deficits with bands. It as made a difference for me. I just got a skid and used bands. Love it man.



Absolutely the ebst exercise for your deadlift other than deadlifts is against the bands. IMO, of course. I have no problem locking anything out after it goes app 6". I pull conventional btw and do not have a low lockout. I might be average to a little high.


i had the same problem

front squats (focusing on speed more than weight) and speed pulls - 60% 8 sets of 3 - 30 secs rest

also used deficits a bit but found i was using a slightly different tech on these and it wasnt really helping my dead as such.

Also reverse band deads. Ie, the bands hold some of the weight on the floor and then release the weight about knee level. taught me to pull as fast as and to basically hump the bar.

Also just generally getting stronger will help.

Im shooting for the magic 700 RAW within the next 6 months.



Power cleans done before deadlifting helps alot of my clients and myself. The power cleans done correctly with explosiveness help alot dealing with no drive out of the bottom part of the deadlift.

Just my .02.


I assume your a PT and not a PL coach?

i dont agree that power cleans should ever be done before deads... your fatiguing the exact same muscles (give or take a few) that your looking to recruit for heavy deads?

power cleans are a great exercise for teaching explosiveness thou but silly to put it before deads imo.



I know a lifter that won a bronze medal at open IPF Worlds that does a hell of alot of high bar squats with a narrow stance. I tried it as well but I suck at deads so it might help a normal person.



I've always had the same problem - and there are few things as embarrasing as going out on the platform to pull and not moving the bar off the floor - you just try to slink away.

Less than a year ago someone suggested that I fully release the weight (release tension not grip) between each rep. This has definitely made a difference - I can always break the weight off the floor although I still miss below the knees. I think that doing reps touch and go does not adequately train the static start on a DL. For anyone that misses above the knees I think it is important to do touch and go to get the extra work at the top.

Whatever the reason the full release has made a big difference for me.


StormTheBeach's first suggestion is probably your issue and is the answer for 90% of those who ask this question, video analysis will be your best friend here. Ensure you do all reps from a dead stop.

If you're in the other 10%, then speed work, like pulls against bands will be of help...but if your forms not perfect you're wasting your time on these.

I've also used the following with success:
-snatch grip and regular conventional deadlifts from a deficit
-high bar squats
-front squats


Form is important , but young guys often need to just get stronger . It's amazing how ones's technique improves with increased strength. Also, some of the best deadlifters ever had what some call poor form , like Vince Anello 800 and up at 298.


Of course I was always a form guy, but my best gains came when I just learned to pull harder. And pulling against bands is what taught me that over others . But then again I was at app 500 then at my current weight.

I guess it's best to say, just get stronger, but make sure you have good form while you do. I'd also say bench and squat rely on firm a lot more than the deadlift.