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DL & Squat in Same Workout?


Hi CT! Would you recommand doing deadlifts and back squat in the same workout? I did it last week and I started with deadlift. On my back squat, I felt nothing in the legs because before they were getting a little bit tired, my lower back was in fire! I was considering doing front squat instead, is it a better choice or is it going to be the same? I am wondering because and never tried front squat in my entire life! Maybe it is time for me to try.


Not CT, but you should avoid squatting (front squat or back squat) and deadlifting in the same workout. Pick one or the other.


haha ok but I am in the 6-4 rep range right now and I can't do quads exercices another day! Wich exercice would be good for quads because doing 4 reps of lunges is really weird!


Front squats.


do squat first


i got a pro workout from here that has squats and deads in same routine twice per week
squats 5/3/1 deads 5 sets 10rep..
deads 5/31 squats 5 sets 10 reps..
both with some additional stuff as bi and tri
and ab wheel on one day
(more as well but that was 2 days of the 4 or 5 day work out) cant remember what thread or article it was from but was def on here.


You should tell the westside guys they're doing it wrong then.


You can do both. You have to manage volume and intensity. For Powerlifting, typically you would work up to a 1-5 rep max squat and follow with deadlift work(deficit,rack or normal) at 70 - 80%(straight, chains or bands) for no more than triples and focus on technique and explosion. Deadlifts over 90% are hard on your nervous system so be careful.

Many of the top powerlifters use this approach but you have to do what works for YOU. It has to fit into your system, so doing this with CT's or JM's plans is too much... When I do this I keep the accessory work to a minimum...If you are bodybuilding, then no. Probably not the best approach..


I am gonna try front squat! I don't really see the point of doing back squats if they can't stimulate my quads as much as I am looking for. Thank you for the comments.


Well.. I am gonna give up on this I've tried font squat after DL...It was horrible the rhomboid gave up way too early. Anyway I just think I'm gonna drop the deadlift and go back to back squat first.


Squat FIRST, deadlift SECOND! It makes a huge difference.


I tried that in the past I didn't really liked it. I hate to do a compound movement with a lot less weight because of the fatigue. Both of these exercices are really taxking and all my experiences of doing both in the same workout were always a fail. Maybe it could be done if you are not training to failure or doing low rep and mutiple sets at a lower intensity.


I personally like to do squats and deads in the same workout. However, if you decide to do this you must also take that fact into consideration when deciding the rep/weight scheme. for example: if you're planning on doing max effort squats. then you need to go in more of a dynamic type effort direction for deads. Don't try and just lift as heavy as possible for both or your setting yourself up for failure (or injury)....also (and probably the most simple adivce) be sure to listen to your body. not everyone can handle the same training volumes


Now this I totally agree with....my squat form will break down alot quicker if I do deads first


And let us all know how that goes for you


good composition in the same workout:

1.front squat
2.DL conventional

(you can reverse the sequence if you want)
(better if you are built for deadlift)


1.back squat

(don't change the sequence)
(better if you are built for squat)


Split them up and have two leg days? If your going for strength it will allow you to lift more. The only people who can train both heavy in the same workout are very experienced lifters. Or like the other posters have said dont train both really heavy switch up to lighter weights in the squat. If strength is the goal and your relatively new to training split them up. Or focus on one or the other.