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DL: Shoulders In Front of the Bar


About how much do you think having my shoulders a bit in front of the bar would hold me back/reduce my weight?

It seems that if I get my shoulders just above/a bit behind, my back bends woefully...


PS: I began squatting.


Try pulling with your shoulders a bit forward and find out for yourself? Shoulder blades over the bar is a common cue.


Shoulder blades OVER the bar?

... ha ha ha... so why on Earth was I trying to get my shoulders behind the bar then, since it felt worse than sheet?



You do this for a couple of reasons. The biggest one being so you don't drop your hips too low. One of the BEST deadlift tips I ever got was "You can quarter squat a whole lot more than to can full squat" so try to deadlift that way.


Thank you very much STB. :slightly_smiling:

Yep, when having my shoulders just above/a bit behind the bar, my hips are at ~ parallel, and I can't pull from that position...


As long as your hips dont shoot up or the bar comes away from your body you're prob good. Videos help though.

My pulls are tiny, but I feel better when my shoulders are behind the bar moreso than in conventional. Just my 2 cents, since you have semi-sumo in your avatar


By God. This is brilliant. Thank you for this.




Thats exactly what I said when I heard it. haha.


Switching back to semi-sumo today (since I now know my technique is ok). Since my back stays straighter, it should mean I can recover faster => progress faster.

And, my hips don't shoot up, and the bar scrapes my shins when I DL. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


blades over the bar for sumo or conventional?