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DL: Shoulders Behind/In Front of Bar?


Which do most of you prefer? Shoulders behind the bar, or shoulders in front of the bar?


Never really thought of it. I'm thinking shoulders behind the bar would be more comfortable who have stronger legs, while in front of the bar would be more comfortable for people who have a stronger back (me). I'm not sure if my thinking is correct, though, so feel free to correct me someone.


I remember reading an article by CT that mentioned this. He said that shoulders out in front emphasizes the quads more.

Here is the article:



Rippetoe says to have shoulders in front of the bar, not behind. And to engage your lats, to compensate for the outward swing.


Thanks Ukrainian.

I guess for bodybuilders then, shoulder position over the bar depends on what you want to emphasize. Sorry for repeating the obvious. I never actually noticed where my shoulders are aligned during a set. I'm pretty sure it must change from rep to rep for me, so this is something I'll have to watch for.


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This is not a 'what do you like on your pizza' question!

Although a lifters hip & lumber positioning may affect back angle a bit, shoulder positioning is different.
Proper set-up positioning is critical for development and injury avoidance.