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DL Secondary Day Placement

Squat 5/3/1
Bench 5x5 / upper body pull

DL 5/3/1
Upper Body Assistance

Squat 5x5
Bench 5/3/1 / upper body pull

This is the bulk of my program. I’m going to do a deadlift lockout movement (higher reps) on one of the days and a low vol/moderate intensity deficit DL day on one the the others. My conundrum is where to program the aforementioned two DL secondary movements.

Ideas? Plz and thanks.

Why not do all 3 on the same day and use the rest of the week for recovery from the DL?


It depends how much fatigue each deadlift assistance work adds to each training day. If it isn’t much for both then it doesn’t really matter. It looks like you want to be most recovered for the 5/3/1 SQ and DL on Mon and Wed so adding that work anytime between Wed and Sat is fine as long it doesn’t affect recovery for the more important work. I’m assuming the 5x5 SQ work is just to get volume in and isn’t very mentally or physically taxing. If you want to add it on Monday then start off with low volume for the deadlift assistance work and gradually increase it until you feel like it’ll affect recovery for the Wednesday session.

I agree on Saturday. I would suggest you add in some bench work on this day as well. Feel free to swap it with Wednesday so core bench days are MWF with assistance on Saturday - this is basically a general setup for most 4 day ‘russian’ style training (sheiko, high frequency… whatever you like to call it). Just a thought.