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DL Rep/Max Strength Disparity, 5/3/1

Ok so did my first dead lift session on this program today. I worked off 90% of my max to get the numbers. This had me pulling 395 for 5 as my top set. I had planned to get 7-8 reps like I had done for bench and military press so far. Not so.

I only managed 3 reps! This is from a dead stop mind you. I pulled 518 only a couple weeks ago for 1 rep.

Does anyone else find it hard to go over say, 3 reps on the deadlift?

I guess in the past I have only done either very heavy singles/doubles or weights closer to 60% for higher reps.

Not sure what to do. Should I lower my max down to say 440, then plug the numbers? Or just do like what I did today and do 2 sets of 3 on my top set?

Does anyone else have great disparity between their max dead lift and reps?

On a side note, I did the Boring But Big and it was brutal but I enjoyed it.

Probably a combination of a bad day and poor repping strength.

That kind of thing is acquired over time, especially if you’ve been working with very low reps for a long time.

The psychological aspect of having one all out work set at the end of the day tends to be learned as well.

I did also see a disparity between the DLs and every other lift, although i’ve been able to get over the 5/3 or 1 easily as this is my first cycle- it was something like 11/7/5 or thereabouts.

I frankly think that DLs are just such a different lift from all the others that it’s just not that easy to rep them. compared to the other lifts,
-weight is dead
-grip may be a weak link
-resetting requires more effort

So I wouldn’t be worried about a disparity, HOWEVER, if you are on your first 5/3/1 month like your post suggests, I think you just had a bad day. the first cycle seems to be pretty conservative for me, so I’ve been repping much more than I imagined.

Yeah, I was lacking sleep and not feeling the best. I will just have to see how well I do next week.