DL Records: Someone Correct Me

Men’s Open APF Deadlift Records
Class Record Name DOB Date of Record Location

67.5 230 David Edmondson 61 3/24/2007 Idaho Falls
75 225 Patrick O’Grady 70 2/23/2008 Orlando
82.5 242.5 Eric Stone 83 10/20/2007 Willowbrook
90 207.5 Blevins, Scott 62 12/9/2006 Houston
100 260 Zach Zenzen 88 10/20/2007 Willowbrook
110 295 Donald Younger 75 10/6/2007 Idaho Falls
125 302.5 Jason Gibson 73 3/24/2007 Idaho Falls
140 332.5 Ernie Lilliebridge Sr 71 10/20/2007 Willowbrook
140+ 312.5 David Edgell 71 3/25/2007 Idaho Falls

OK so the above is from the APF website and is as it says the APF Deadlift only records for Men’s Open.

From what I can see the 90kilo weight class has a record of 207.5kilos set by Scott Blevins in 2006 from Houston.

Now this seems way too low to me. This federation allows whatever you want to wear for the deadlift only event and the record is ~457?

Anyone know if this is still true or is this out dated?

I have no idea where you got that list from, but im pretty sure Ed Coan still owns the APF deadlift record in 90kg class as well as in at least two other weight classes. Its possible that is just a list for a deadlift only meet and not a three lift meet.

I got it from:

You are correct Ed Coan has it at 390 kilos in a full powerlifting meet.

The records are so low because it’s a “deadlift only” record. As you said, the full meet ones are substantially higher!