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DL/Rack Pulls with Shoulder Problem?

When my palm is facing when my arm is along the side of my body, the part of my left shoulder that is not facing my body hurts.

Without any pain, I can “drop” my shoulder forward, the shoulder rolls to the front.

The inside of my biceps close to the shoulder, hurts when doing flyes and other pussing movements.

The jonction of my chest to the shoulder, hurts a bit.

Know idea what “injury?” is. And no one seems to be able to figure it out.


With that in mind, to you think I could deadlift? (this injury as been going on for a long time, but became worst, so I’m not doing any movement at all that I feel the slightest bit of pain).

When doing deadlift I do not feel immediate pain, but I suppose this puts a lot of stress on the shoulder/arm/trap area.

What is your opinion?

No one :confused: ?

Can you explain the first part again?