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DL Progress


After much time, my deadlift progressed to 405 lbs, and 395 sumo...
now i want to keep increasing it....i was wondering what method would be the best to follow?

Should I got for reps or do 5/3/1....

with reps i was thinking i would do 275, 315, 365, 405, and on and on....but try to get as many reps as possible with said weight....

with 5/3/1, i would be following a similar scheme, starting with 275*5, 325*3, 375*1, 395*1, 405*1 etc...basically keep adding more weight and pulling for singles

in my opinion if i try for reps, i would be getting stronger, but i wanted someone elses opinion...


Do Coan-Philippi. Added a 100lbs to my DL in less than three months.


If your deadlift is still prgressing, don't do anything different yet.


got em'