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(Okay, for those of you who want to reply that you use that weight to warm up for curls, just keep on walking. Actually, fire away…and then just keep on walking…)

After a little over a year of this iron game, starting at a scrawny 164 and currently at a scrawny 178 (at 6’ tall), I finally need to go buy some more plates for my deadlift. That’s right, I finally hoisted all 300 pounds of my first olympic set…and it felt really good too…

Oh, and tonight was the first night to use chalk. It’s my new #1 recommended “supplement” that every lifter (especially for deadlifts) should have.


Don’t ever worry about somebody lifting more than you, somebody will always be stronger, but you are stronger than you were before, thus you are at your best, a reason for celebration!!

I have never used chalk, I take it that you are in support of this quite heavily? I will probably have to try it when I can DL again.


Congratulations on your progress. A couple of quick tips.

  1. rub baby powder on your legs. Don’t use your hands rub it in with the bottom of the bottle.

  2. Good job on the chalk. It’s a must

  3. Deadlift barefooted, wearing wrestling shoes, or slippers you’ll be able to deadlift easier.

  4. To increase your deads do good mornings, lower trunk twists, russian twists, glute ham raises, and yes even calf raises. Believe it or not your calf muscles can add up to 10% of your dead lift weight.


Way to go brotha man

All PRs are good PRs

Like the vertically challenged one =P said, there will always be someone bigger and stronger than you; strive to beat yourself!

Alright enough with the self-empowerment, 330 here you come!

Great work man.

Just keep working hard, and strive to overtake your own mountains, dont worry about others.

Keep it up. Buy more plates and expect more to come soon.


Congratulations !
You got 2 remarkable results:
1)DL PR: 300 lbs after only 1 year of training ! How old are you ? Can you tell us a bit more concerning your deadlift training ?
2)+ 14 lbs in little more than one year.
Keep going like this about +1 lb/month.


Yes, I now highly recommend chalk…how I lifted without it before, I have no idea…

I’m 33 years old…just started getting serious about my consistency and intensity about 6 months ago. Big surprise, that’s when the weights started increasing. Deadlift training? Uh…I start at 135 for 10-15 reps and go up from there until I can’t lift anymore. I know, not exactly science. Each workout, I try to either do more reps or more weight. As 1980s as it gets…my entire workout is currently one compound exercise and usually some secondary exercise…squats and good mornings, deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts, bench and rows…and I alternate between these three days with the secondary changing based on my mood. The biggest help was probably my dedication to eating more…I consistently get 3,000-3,500 calories every day in the form of 6-7 meals and protein at every meal.

(Yes, I know, I need a more defined plan, yes I know, I need to keep a better food log…but given the 4 kids and the high stress job, I’ll sleep well knowing I’m doing something…)

Thanks all for the words of encouragement…


Well depending on what you’re lifting for compound exercises can be the best thing. I know they’re my favorites. Nothin feels more powerful than strength training! Keep it up T-Bro!!

Hmmm, what am I lifting for…I dunno, I guess just for fun…and so far, compound exercises are the funnest I’ve found yet…certainly more fun than some 5 pound tricep kickback. =P

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone else wish there was a t-nation lite to link a palm pilot to? I used to be able to pull straight from the forum page, but no longer…and the sync times are absolutely killing me right now. I’ll wait a few weeks for them to settle into the new site and throw up a new topic on it…