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DL PR / Goal Inching Closer.


Well taking a week break from the EDT I have been doing lately as per Staleys instruction.

Just decided to have no concrete plan going to the gym this week. Just that I will lift three times and not the volume of EDT. Well today I felt like trying for a new PR on DL's. As well as other stuff to hit the whole body.

Anyway long story short I got 485, previous PR was 465. Before anyone asks that is raw, no gear etc. with exception of chalk and a pair of boxer shorts LOL. Even bar foot, I w/o at home by the way.

I got 495 off the ground but it just wasnt going. Next time.
500 here I come, getting close anyway.


Nice Phill :slight_smile: Go for it.


Excellent! Way to go.


Im in the same boat as you only 100lbs less. I recently pulled 385 w/ a goal of 4 plates by the end of august. Good pull and good luck w/ 500



Thanks all.

I feel surprisingly Not sore today. Actually feel damn good. Chest is more sore from the benhcing than I am from the DL's. Go figure.

I plan on getting that 500+ next time probably around a month or two from now. That sum biatch WILL be mine. It has eluded me TOO LONG.

Great pull bgt... keep it coming. Possibility we both hit our goakl around the same time.

Thanks again all,