DL Post: How Does My Back Look?

Hey guys. Im just coming off a hip injury. Im now back to deadlifting semi light weight. I just wanted some other point of view on how it looks. Im 6’4’’ so I have always pulled kinda hi hiped. My man issue is how my back looks. I know its rounded but how bad is it? Thanks for the help guys.


Sorry guys this is the vid I hope


You seem rounded over pretty much the entire time. I think if you try to pull your chest up a little more in your setup, it will help straighten everything out.

Cant tell how rounded you are due to the video, moderately it seems. But the issue is your back isnt tight. Thats causing your rounding. When you set your grip, dont worry about pulling your hips down just yet. Grab the bar and use your lats to tighten up on it, “pulling the slack out” pull your scapula down like you are trying to protect your armpit and get your chest up. Pull your hips down until you feel tight then pull.