DL Negatives

check this vid out.
nice set-up he got going for what looks like DL negatives, where you start the lift from lockout or near lockout and lower the bar under control. idea is to use much more weight than your normal DL.
first read about this from old time lifter from '50s, '60s
he actuaaly rigged up a hydraulic lift to get the bar in position, name was Peoples I think?

This guy also has a cool way to set up for DL negatives.

haha nice

thing I also don’t get, in both vids they bang out 2 or more reps after starting the lift from the finish position.
If I was able to do reps with that weight, then that means I can pull it from the floor to begin with.

I thought the point of doing negs starting at finish position is that you are only lowering the weight to the floor, weight that’s much heavier than you could currently pull off the floor.
of course this means after each single, you have to re-set the bar. (so yes, it’s a big hassle)