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DL in Your Squat Suit?

I’m thinking about getting into geared lifting sometime, and I was looking into getting a squat suit, specifically the Titan Centurion is what I’m considering, but I’m open to other suggestions. I was wondering how many people deadlift in the squat suit. What’s the big difference between a deadlift and a squat suit? I don’t really have anyone to help me get into or out of a bench shirt until my lifting partner gets out of the marines, but I want to start working in some geared work for squat and deadlift.

I’m feeling like doing a deadlift in a squat suit is more of a not ideal, just do it if you have to to get by kind of thing, but maybe it’s perfectly suitable and some record setters out there are doing it. Just wondering.

I pulled in my squat suit. Its fine if you dont mind learning how to pull sumo

Some lifters squat and then wear the same suit backwards to deadlift in at a meet. I have separate suits but the suit I’ve had the most success pulling conventional in is an older Centurion. The newer squat/DL suits have you specify wide stance if you’re a wide-stance squatter or sumo puller.

I have pulled most successfully in my centurian. I’ve tried a velocity and it’s just okay. I keep returning to the old reliable.

In my opinion, if you are buying a single ply squat suit, there is no choice but to get a super centurion. It’s just the best. Pulling in a super is defnitely tough, but many outstanding lifters do pull in a super centurion, and usually wear it backwards (always sumo). I personally, LOVE the velocity to pull sumo. As far as conventional, I know nothing hahaha.

I wasn’t aware that people usually wear the suit backwards to deadlift. That could be useful info haha.