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DL From Blocks, What Height?


Hi guys, I wish to improve my deadlift to around 260kg soon, My weakest place is lockout just above knees, now I been doing lockouts, normally people do them just below knee, but I heard even lower is better, as mid shin is where you slow down

do you think its better to do it mid shin or just below knee to increase deadlift


I've always preferred mid shin.


what can you do mid shin, I did them today mid shin basically dropped the height as use to do them literally about 1 cm below knee, I didnt find it that bad midshin, I was only 10kg down on a 5 rep max set on midshin what I did from just below knee! and the reps were a lot smoother and cleaner than when I did it just below knee


what can you do mid shin? I was only 10kg down on a 5 rep max set compared to what I did just below knee (1cm below knee), and reps were cleaner and smoother, no hitch. Maybe its just Ive gotten stronger who knows, but are you meant to have a much weaker pull mid shin compared to just below knee?


wheres my post?


Most westside stuff says no higher than 3-6" off the ground. So that's a good place to start. Do them against bands and chains to overload the top.


yeah thanks sorry about the multiple posts, they never showed up and now just have for some reason!

I dont have chains but do have blue, green and black bands but i dont use them often If Im honest. How can I use them? stand on the bands and pull method?


I pull from a 10" box, which is just below the knees for me.


For pulling against, rig up something like this:

You can loop them around a power rack as well. Or you can secure then around a deadlift platform using dumbells as anchors. Start with the lightest band.

Or for reverse you can do this:

Its easy to setup, just mess around a little. As long as you following some sort of laid out plan so you can track progress, you're fine.