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DL Form <-- Please Critique


Hi all

Here's me deadlifting. How can I make it suck less?

I have had problems in the past when I didn't bend the knees enough that my hip flexors would take too much beating. I'm trying to fix that by bending a little more now.


Form looks good. Put some weight on that bar.


When you want form critique, use heavier weight, lower reps. Light weight sets are a bad way to identify weak points generally. Form looks fine, but when you start putting heavy weight on the bar things get different.


It'd be easier to diagnose with more weight and less reps. Higher rep stuff always looks sloppy lol.

Also, your first rep is different to all your others, take a pause at the bottom and get set up properly again.


Two things...

Neck position should be neutral and try and think about starting the pull by sitting back on your heals and staying stiff. Looks like you're pulling up which isnt' quite what you want. I know it sounds weird, but sitting back will engage hams, glutes, etc more, pulling seems to engage back and upper back more.

Thats what I saw in the 30secs I watched.


1) go heavy
2) lose the gloves for christ's sake
3) lose the gay ass music


Can't really tell what your real deadlift looks like with a weight like that.. post up a vid of something heavier.


haha I didn't even notice the music. Fist pump.


I'm glad to see you didn't wait 40 fucking seconds to get lifting.
Just a peeve of mine. =/


i feel like you keep shifting to your toes... quit it.


Makes much sense. Will try do do that. Thanks.

Will do.

  1. Will do.
  2. But my hands!!! The bar is so cold in the winter!!
  3. I'll crank up the volume next time :slight_smile:


Try flat shoes, yours look as if they have a heel.


Oh, it's a pair of Converse. Pretty flat in my book. Is that too much heel?


Yea you want shoes with a negative heel. Payless has em.


Thanks. We probably don't have Payless here in Europe. But I'll see if I can get some rubber matting, that way I'll probably be able to lift barefoot, even in the winter.


Looks like the bar is moving away from you in the beginning og the lift.. This is because you start with the shoulders bahind the bar = your body will go forward when you pull,


Right. I hope sitting back and keeping the weigt on the heels will fix that. It also reminds me to align the camera with the bar in order to more easily spot its relation to the shoulders.






Use it to get angry and attack the weight!