DL Form Check

340lbsx5. I can tell I’m positioned a bit off centred with the bar and that’s probably way theres an imbalance when the bar is coming up. Any tips as to what I can do to improve my form in any way? All tips are greatly appreciated!


Kind of hard to tell from a direct front angle, a side view is usually much better for form checks. That being said from the video it looks pretty good. Looks like your hips might be rising a bit off the bottom and your knees cave a bit. Only advice I’d give is to make sure you’re keeping your hips tight so your knees don’t collapse.

Also, I think your right foot is turned out more than your left? That might just be my eyes messing with me because I’m under-caffeinated right now tho lol

It is really hard to give you any advice from that angle. Speed is fine, but it does look like your hips come up a bit fast and IMO your stance is far too wide.

If you can, narrow your stance and post a video from about 45 degrees (front).

For the stance, set up to take a huge leap. You’ll naturally and intuitively get into the best position for you. That’s your deadlift stance, keeping your toes pointed slightly out. Keep your knees out too, and push your knees out hard as you push off the floor and beging pulling.

Nope you’re not tripping out haha. Don’t know why my foot is more out. I’ll definitely be conscious of that next deadlift session. Same with keeping the hips tighter. Will post another from different angle.

Okay so here’s a video from today’s session from a different angle. This was a speed day 315 5x2. I tried putting my feet closer but I felt that I didn’t get optimal leverage. Any pointers would be awesome!


Your stance width in the video looks good. Try getting more leg drive earlier on, drop your hips a tad more and really push off the ground.

Also, don’t spend so much time messing around with the bar. I’m not sure what you’re doing bouncing up and down and opening and closing your grip like that but it isn’t going to be helping you. Get tight, grip the bar and push off the floor. Take as little time to do this as possible.