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DL Form Check



after someone commenting my rounded back while deadlifting last week I took some vid's yesterday.

Been deadlifting for not more than 2 months

Max with shitty form 170kg

So I filmed my self doing some 100kg, 120kg and 140kg deadlifts.

The first reps are good form, but than my lower back starts to round.

Am I lacking strength in my lower back?

PS: I know the vid is long and it may bore you, but if you really want to help me please take a look at it.
Bonus: It has a pretty cash song. And the song title is related too. Racer X - Technical difficulties

Every comment appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Your forms pretty good. Everyone's back rounds near their max (weight or reps). For most people, you can deadlift the weight up until it rounds your back bad enough you can't recover.

Your hips seem to be pretty far away from the bar. Try to squeeze your glutes more at the start to get your hips moving forward. Focus on pulling the bar more back than up. If you get above your knees and your hips are too far behind, then you won't be able to lockout heavy weights.


I always think, like everyone else, before lifting hips down, chest up. So I think that my hips were just at their natural position at this point because I weren't pushing them consciously away or back.

I will try to think of pulling the bar more back next time I deadlift.

And I try to push my hips forward as they pass my knees


Only real problem I see is the jerk right before you pull the weight. You dip down a little and try to get some stretch reflex out of an exercise that doesnt allow you to have one. When you do that little jerk at the bottom, deadlifting becomes 2 pulls. The first is the slight bend being pulled from the bar. The second pull is your actual deadlift. That little bit of wiggle in the bar before you start pulling needs to be pulled out before you actually begin your ascent.

Next time you go to pull, when you get set, literally pull yourself down to the bar and get that slack out. You'll know you are doing it right because you will feel the bar bend a little and you'll tension in your hamstrings before you even start the actual movement. Also, when you do start, the pull will be much more fluid and you'll be able to take advantage of all your leverages. That tension in your hamstrings will act almost like pulling back on a slingshot. The weight will fly off the floor.

I had the same problem for years. All thourgh 8 years of football and my first 2 years of competing. I changed it this past year and started working the slack out before my pulls and its taken my deadlift from 740 to 804.

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for that great advice!
Gonna try it out the next time I'm doing deadlifts.


storm the beach does it again with an awesome post...anddd copying and pasting it to my wordpad folder. StormTheBeach.doc


Unless you realy respect the guy that tried to critique your form at the gym I would not pay much attention to what someone at the gym says. When I first started I had some idiot tell me my hips were too high. He then decided to show me the "true deadlift form" and he basically squated the bar up (which is funny because when he squats he doesn't even go that low).

your form doesn't look bad at all. The advice from the other guys on here is great so give that a try and keep it up.


totally man. the guy who commented me stepped over to my bar, squatted down way below parallel and told me something like you have to stay tight and stuff like that. he also probably weighted not more than 70 kilos.

but I was glad that even someone commented me so that I had to film myself, because I only saw maybe 2, at most 3 guys deadlifting with not more than 100kg in my gym



Did some 58% and 70% deadlifts only today.

At lighter weight my form seems okay. But when it gets to 70% my fucking back always starts to round.

I tried to remember and do everything you guys said, buy I can't keep my back in that static hold at higher weights.

Is it really my form or am I just lacking in lower back strength? Because I'm already working hard to bring it up with good mornings, hyperextensions and things like that, and as I said I'm just working my lower back for not more than 3 or 4 months.

Every comment appreciated!

Edit: is my vid still coming or what?


feel free to comment. don't be shy


All of your starting points change. Some sets you will bring your hips further down and keep your head up, but others you start looking down and your hips are further back preventing you from using more of your hip strength to finish the movement.