DL Form Check 405x12, 455x1

Let me know how my form looks. The 405x12 the lats rep got cutoff but it felt great and was 2 more reps than I was expecting to get. I must have fried my grip though cause I wanted 455x5 after the really good first set but getting even 1 was difficult. Appreciate any comments about my form. Thank you.

Why do you drop every rep? It would be like doing a row up to your stomach and dropping it or benching just to lockout. Seems kind of retarded to me.

Your form looks fine by the way. You don’t seem to have a problem with strength so just keep trucking.

The impact of the bar hitting the floor while holding it tears my hands up pretty good. It also emphasizes strength over size because controlling the negative has a bigger impact on size then strength

Based on what? That makes no sense at all. If you’re dropping it that hard and fast on the negative then you’re too weak for that weight anyway. It’s not like you can just let go of it at the top in comps so why train that way? I get it if you’re trying to max that day maybe, but in just normal training it seems pointless.

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The 455 pull looks good to me. Looks like you still had more in the tank.

That’s ridiculous. If you’re concerned about “emphasizing size over strength” then why the hell are you doing sets of 12? And if putting the bar down tears up your hands then you are obviously doing it wrong.

No wonder you didn’t get 455x5, why would you go for max reps on a lighter weight before your heaviest set of the day? Your technique (other than dropping the bar) is fine, but there are some issues with the way you train.

I didn’t think i would have 12. I thought 9 maybe 10 and was going to do 3 sets but once the 405 went so well i upped the weight. I think next time I will try my first work set at 455. I just prefer concentric only on the deadlift and there are many people that agree with me.

I saw this earlier was going to post basically the same thing as others, looks alright but no reason at all the drop the bar. If the bar tears up your hands where straps.


Who are these people because I know of a hell of a lot more record holders who think it’s bullshit.

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Mike Tuchscherer even wrote an article titled “Stop dropping your deadlifts”. If it was a single or the last rep of a set I could understand, but it’s still being careless and a bad habit that can lead to missed lifts in a meet. But on a set of 12 just doesn’t make any sense at all.

Do you dump the bar on each rep for squat and bench too? That would make just as much sense.

I drop my deadlifts on the last rep oftentimes. But it’s not ideal. In my last meet I blew my opener cause I bro-dropped the bar in a moment of euphoria. Coach yelled at me “WTF are you a crossfitter now??” LOL

But you really don’t have to demonstrate much control to avoid getting red lighted. Just stay attached to the bar as it free falls back to terra firma.

Exactly. Same in training.