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DL Est. 1RM Compared to Actual 1RM

Last 5/3/1 cycle: deadlift estimated 1RM was 333 --> 336 --> 336; 280x6 on the “1 week” top set.
This 5/3/1 cycle: estimated 1 RM was 340 --> 340 --> 342; 285x6 on the “1 week” top set.

I find that my rep maxes and ability to grind out sets of deadlifts is fine… but my ability to pull heavy singles is not. I know 5/3/1 isn’t only concerned with increasing your 1 RM constantly (or testing it), but I do a Joker Set occasionally and I find that heavy singles are really hard compared to moderately heavy rep sets. By hard I mean the weight comes off the floor very slowly.

Just to compare, the most I’ve ever pulled was 315, which was after an all out set of 270x6 (about 2 months ago).

Any thoughts? I have considered implementing heavier singles more often to get my body accustomed to the weight, which seems like the most logical answer.

1 Max is not meant to be easy.

If you really want to know, go to a meet. Also go to powerlifting section. Lots of gold nuggets.

also, Chris C wrote about the difference between Tom Platz and Dr Squat. It will explain and answer your question.