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DL and Sumo DL

What are the advantages of deadlifting sumo over conventional, or vice versa. Also what are the drawbacks to each style. Personally I find that I can sumo more weight that I can conventional deadlift. Can someone help me out with this?

Preforance. I can get in a better position to pull when i pull sumo. Sumo is also easier on your back than conventional.

This is really dependent upon body type.

If you’re a powerlifter like Goldie, Big Martin, and I you’ll want to pull in the position where you are strongest. Bottom line. If, however, you are training for something else, the answer will depend upon your goals and what muscle groups you want to emphasize.

Many great threads on this from the recent past, as well as some great articles here on T-Mag that discuss this and I’d encourage you to seek them out, as they’ll answer many questions you might have. Louie Simmons also has a ton to say on this topic. He suggests that if one or the other is stronger, you’ve got a weakness that needs to be addressed, but both can be utilized depending on your requirements. I tend to max on conventional, but use sumo to work up to a max to preserve my back. I’m about 10% stronger on conventional, but that gap is closing fast.