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DL 510lbs x 5 + Back Routine

Got to post it here,because i feel i’m more strength oriented,than in pure muscle building.But in truth i am a hybrid,trying to build muscle and get stronger.For now i am succeeding.

What do you think?

Some stats

19 years old
185lbs BW
6’ in height…
i haven’t used ANY SUPPLEMENTS or steroids.All natural for now,which i am proud of.

510lbs “light” easy deadlift on heavy day,for 5 reps (could do atleast 7 or 8),which is around 2.75 my bodyweight with no belt. Soon are coming the real numbers…I am in the middle of strength cycle periodizing…I may buy some creatine and whey these days to help me recover faster and better:))

p.s Sorry for the bad quality,didn’t have better camera at the moment then…

forgot to mention,that i am training form 2 years and 10 months,strength training for about 2 years.Before 3 years i was 120lbs in weight…

Doesn’t look like you are locking them out?

Its just from the camera angle.