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DL 1RM, Push Ups max, Squat 20RM, OHP 1RM, Wing Tsun and Body Comp


Cycle 8 week 1 day 2

30 min movement, climbing
Rack Pull (RP) w shoes on 5 kg + 0.5 kg plates
90 kg 1x5 RP
110 kg 1x5 RP
140 kg 1x3 RP
160 kg 1x1 RP
180 kg 1x1 RP, static hold 4.5 s in lockout
180 kg 1x1 RP, static hold 0 s in lockout
106 kg 1x26 DL
1x24 kg DB 1x26 pull over
2x16 kg DB 1x27 incline BP
total time 1 h 15 min
total rpe 7

didnt feel pleased with the session when i left

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General athletic ability and fighting

23 min KB incl 1x28 kg 3x5 snatch each side
15 min heavy bag
15 min 5x(1x3 jump over box, 1x3 pistol on box each side, 1x3 oh squat holding box oh)
15 min 1x20 kg KB 5x1 TGU each side 90 s split squat static hold each side
total time 1 h 8 min
total rpe 7

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Cycle 8 week 1 day 3

30 min movement
60 kg 1x30 bb row
110 kg 1x1 DL
130 kg 1x1 DL
145 kg 12x1 DL
total time 1 h
total rpe 7

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