DK's Paraworkout Protocol...

[quote]Kanada wrote:
i got a question. why no L-Leucine? from my understanding of Thibs threads, L-Leucine was the magic that allowed Anaconda to work. i do suppose Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery have L-Leucine in it anyways[/quote]

I was thinking of adding it in, but like you said, Surge Recovery and Surge Workout Fuel both have quite a bit of L-Leucine already in it. Most of the times what he recommended if you didn’t have Anaconda was Surge Workout Fuel and CH.

If you read the pulsing protocol, and L-Leucine info, it’s more related to getting your levels of L-Leucine up to turn on the ‘anabolic switch’. There shouldn’t be much difference in getting all the L0Leucine from the Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery within 30 or so minutes pre-workout, or getting it in a scoop in one minute. It also sounds better to let the levels fall, and then ‘spike’ them, so the levels wouldn’t be too low anyway from the Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery if I added in additional L-Leucine to the peri-workout shake.

[quote]stevo_ wrote:
any before pics?[/quote]

Nothing the same day I took the other measuremnts, but I think I took some in the last few weeks or so. That’s a little more subjective than objective, and I wanted to keep the measurements and results a bit more objective.

[quote]Ocelot82 wrote:
For me, the protocol blows. Drinking all that pre workout doesn’t sit well with me and if I do half way through my workout I’m wanting to hurl right there in the squat rack.[/quote]

I definitely feel a bit bloated after drinking all that, and I don’t even use all the water it says you should. Just about need to take my lever belt out a notch!

Mind if I ask you height and body fat % (even if its a guess)?

WK2 Day 1:

Bench sucked again, not sure what’s going on with it. Few months ago I hit a easy 285 and stalled on 305, did 5-3-1 for a little while and after that I barely hit 275. Today I couldn’t work up to anything higher than 245x3…did do heavier legs so that might have drained me a bit I guess.

Rest of the workout went well, hit it fairly hard, and I definitely am keeping a higher energy level than I usually do in my workouts. Upped the weight for a few exercises too.

[quote]stevo_ wrote:
Mind if I ask you height and body fat % (even if its a guess)?[/quote]

5’11 and about 12% or so.

WK2 Day 2/3:

Two more good workouts, still have high energy through entire workout and still think I am getting more vascular. Not to sound too narcissistic, but doing the deadlift reps I looked pretty crazy in the mirror. Reps for that went pretty well, nothing too crazy.

Another thing I don’t think I noted before…The CH (peptopro) really tastes like puke with overtones of strawberry. Swallowing it down quickly usually works, but there is still the occasional taste. The SWF covers it nicely during the workout, but the +60, wow, I can’t imagine what the non-flavored tastes like!

[quote]DK wrote:
WK2 Day 2/3:
The CH really tastes like puke with overtones of strawberry. [/quote]

lol, oh god.

I haven’t really liked any casein powder I have tried. But it is a short list.

WK2 Day 4:

Squats went pretty good today, more of the same, good energy throughout workout despite working myself pretty hard. One thing to note is I forgot to take the Alpha GPC prior to the workout, I thought I did feel off/weaker for a little bit towards the start of the workout which I was going to attribute to not taking it, but since the squats went well after I’m thinking I just kicked myself in the butt to get moving. I think Monday I will try 3 pills instead of 2 to see if that makes any difference since it seemed like with or without wasn’t too much different.

[quote]DK wrote:
DK wrote:
Some starting stats:

Weight: 179.4

Ab Skinfold: 28

Chest: 99
Arm: 33
Waist: 87.5
Thigh: 61

WK1 Stats:

Weight: 186.2

Ab Skinfold: 25

Chest: 104
Arm: 33.5
Waist: 88
Thigh: 62

WK2 Stats:

Weight: 186.2

Ab Skinfold: 24

Chest: 105
Arm: 34
Waist: 87.5
Thigh: 63

Appears all the numbers went in the right direction this week, minus no overall weight changes. On a ‘subjective’ level, it does seem my chest is bigger, and my ab region is slightly more defined. Let’s see what the third week brings me.

[quote]Ocelot82 wrote:
For me, the protocol blows. Drinking all that pre workout doesn’t sit well with me and if I do half way through my workout I’m wanting to hurl right there in the squat rack.[/quote]

X2. Tried the protocol for 6 weeks. Kept diet the same but adding the protocl to my calories that is almost an extra 5000 kcal/week which is more than likely the reason for my putting on 12 lbs than anything about the supplements. I am going back to my old method of eating 1 hr before workout, Surge Recovery before and chocolate milk after and increasing calories through food intake rather than supplements. It is much cheaper that way.

Agreed mcoock. Today I took only Surge Workout Fuel right before my workout and punished my legs the way I like to. I took Surge Recovery after and I like it much better. I feel like I’ve earned the the Surge Recovery and it tastes so satisfying. I’ll continue as the tub indicates and eat a big meal an hour after post workout.

From my own experiences, I’ve noticed that taking Alpha-GPC 75 minutes before a workout works better than 60 minutes before a workout for me. No idea why, maybe it’s absorbed more in that span of 15 minutes.

I get somewhat focused if I take it 60 minutes prior to my workout. I did this for about a week but the following week I switched it to 75 minutes (out of curiosity) and I’ve noticed a huge increase of focus and overall good-feelingness. Maybe, I’ll try taking it 90 minutes prior to workout but I doubt it’ll be more efficient for me than at 75 minutes prior.

I’m following this too.

Thanks for keeping up the updates.

WK3 Day 1/2:

3 Alpha-GPC didn’t seem to make much of a difference in my bench, it is still sucking. Although I was able to go up in weight for all my sets on the Anderson bench. Maybe it is hitting me a little later in the workout so I tried taking it a little earlier today. Didn’t seem to make much of a difference - but when I looked at the numbers, I actually pulled 10lbs higher than my old max before I started this protocol for a double, so maybe I should look at the numbers a little better and not go strictly on feel alone…


[quote]Burst wrote:

Patience!! :slight_smile: Figured I’d do another two days before posting again so was waiting until today to do it.

WK3 Day 3/4:

Notched up the weight again for some exercises, my feet elevated band push ups went pretty good, seemed like I was getting some extra reps on there, and was looking pretty ‘jacked’ with that upper body work.

I also believe I scared/freaked out a girl in there. A little background, I work out at a ‘fitness center’ so you can imagine what people are in there, and what they are doing…well when I was doing my one arm rows and saw a girl doing squats. Now, there is maybe 3 other times I have seen someone squat, and they were all guys. I usually say something to give them props, since squatting is hard and so many people shy away from it. So I went over there while she was unloading the weight, gave a little nod as in ‘i am going to say something to you’ and she just walked to other side to unload the weight and kind of looked at me out of the corner of her eye. When she unloaded that side I gave a bit more of a hand wave ‘can i get your attention for a second’ and she realized I actually was talking to her (or maybe realized that she couldn’t ignore me anymore). Said that it was nice to see someone squatting, and especially a gal since I rarely see guys doing it, much less gals since they are so scared to get big. All I got was a nervous smile, laugh and a thanks…as I turned back to where I was doing my one armed rows I caught myself in the mirror and assume I must have looked intimidating/scary, I was standing there, sleeves cut off of camo shirt, my arms pumped and veiny, and rowing what was probably not too far off from her bodyweight. Whoops. Hopefully she took it the right way and will continue to lift.

Squats went well, and a couple of the anderson squats I was pretty explosive. Some of my ab exercises seemed easier too, and got a few extra reps. (I was worried about today since last night I had a few ‘social beverages’ with co-workers).

I’m liking the “I worked my butt off but can still lift and have energy” feeling from what I’m assuming is the SWF. I’ll have to see at the end how this all works out, but I’m thinking I am going to keep using that.

[quote]DK wrote:

I’m liking the “I worked my butt off but can still lift and have energy” feeling from what I’m assuming is the SWF. I’ll have to see at the end how this all works out, but I’m thinking I am going to keep using that.[/quote]

Yeah, I like the stuff a lot myself. I am pretty pumped about the price drop, and have my finger crossed it is permanent. If not, I better stock up.

That is all I really have that I consider pre or peri WO nutrition, and can tell a significant difference between just water, and SWF.

good stuff keep working hard and going forward I’ll be checking this out too. I’m in my 3rd week of 5/3/1 while following this protocol. Keep going and posting.

just thought id chime in and say i tried FINiBARS for the 1st time the other day and i got a say i noticed a difference, ability to do more reps and more sets, bigger better pump, very effective and taste Great.