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DK's Bastardized V-diet

Sacrilegious! Just got done with a powerlifting meet and have another in a few months, but want to see if this summer I can finally turn my flabs into abs.

Going on a 3 week ‘v-diet’ to see where it takes me. Pretty similiar, flax protein shakes through the day, scoop of natty pb at night, Flameout, and going to put some greens+ in a shake a day. Also using HOT-ROX Extreme.

3 days a week lifting, with the NEPA being a combination of me walking to work and foam rolling/mobility work (kind of like walking, only better for me, will see how it fares as a replacement though).

Stats now:

187 lbs
20m ab skinfold

Stats in 3 weeks:

We’ll see. Wish me luck, I know many of you have tread this path already.

Good luck. Why only three weeks, though?

Good luck man, i might be doing a little V-diet myself if need be, since im cutting down to the 181 mark by june 9th. Im currently at 190, so ill have to make a decision in mid may i guess.

Ill be checking back to see how it goes.


If you make it to 3 weeks, you’ll end up doing 4. week 2 is hard. the rest of the weeks are easy.

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
If you make it to 3 weeks, you’ll end up doing 4. week 2 is hard. the rest of the weeks are easy.[/quote]

I think the hardest part for me would be the cost, shit I have the cojones to go through pretty much anything, but spending the $$ is another story. Ok my wife letting me spend the $$ is another thing.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Good luck. Why only three weeks, though?[/quote]

3 wks on it puts me 8 wks out from a powerlifting meet. I think I have an arbitrary number of 8 weeks needed to prepare and periodize for the meet. Like CaliLaw said, when I reach three I might just go four anyway depending on how I feel.

Also, the day after I get three weeks in there is a ‘world expo of beer’ that I wanted to hit up, so me saying I am off the diet will make going to that easier (nothing like coming off the diet with a bang). I might just take that day (night) off and keep on going for four weeks. Results will suffer for that…hoping for about a 10lb loss.