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DjSm28's New Training Log

So I’m starting a new training log because the last 2 weeks have kind of been weird. I only got to work out once or twice in the past weeks so it’s time to just start fresh. Same program though.

1-8-08 ME Lower body
Box Squats
315x0(form broke down, didn’t keep back locked in)
RDL’s- 295x4x3
Back extension 45x3x8

I really want to throw in some single leg work, but it still hurts my knee. I hate it.

Flat bench
205x1 x3
Pushups 2x20
Bend-over rows 155x4x6
Standing Military press 100x4x6
Barbell curls 70x3x8

Considering I only worked out once last week for my legs and once for my upper body, I’m a little surprised I maintained my strength. I guess when I start speed training, I only need to train heavy once a week to maintain the strength.

1-12-08 Speed day
Box Squat Jumps
Box Squat
Pull Throughs

Just for fun, I tried putting my feet straight ahead while box squatting and having my feet a little wider then shoulder width apart instead of lining up my knees with the direction of my toes and I actually like the feel of that better. I think I’ll change my form to be like this.
Also, I’m using a lower box now. I was using a 13’’ box, but I moved it down to 11’’. I’ll probably be maxing out with less weight on my next ME day, but in my mind it’s worth it.

Does anyone think that I could add on the speed portion of Kelly Baggett’s speed manual on top of this workout? I’m been doing a lot of strength training, and I’m thinking about adding more speed and reactive stuff to my routine because I feel it would help with my overall athleticism since I am “in-season” for my basketball league. The season is only one game a week.

It’s a good idea. One heavy workout, one speed workout is about right for most people beyond the beginner stage.

A comment on your upper body training. Put as much effort into your Bent Rows as you do your Bench press. You should be able to row close to as much as you bench. Do them from dead on the floor with a flat horizontal back.

Ok, box squats officially hurts my knee. Sucks. I think I’ll have to turn into a deadlift person, then see if back and front squats don’t hurt my knee as much.