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DJR Strength Training Journey


I thought it would be a good idea to start a training log, so here I am!

Background info
Age: 23
Height: 6"4
Current bodyweight: ~107Kg

Training history:
I started at the gym almost one year ago, at the end of January 2016. When I started I could Squat 50kg for 8, Bench 40kg for 8, Press 25kg for 8 and Row 40kg (badly) for 8. I started at a bodyweight of around 90Kg.

I followed a slow progressing bodybuilding routine for 3 months with a friend, who subsequently dropped out and left me alone on my quest for strength. I realised after some research and not much progression in the gym that I wanted to do a strength training routine, so I switched my program to a 3x5.

My progression was generally good, but I had a few setbacks that resulted from visiting my girlfriend who lives in another country, as well as a bicep tendon injury that resulted in me taking 3 weeks off. In total I missed maybe 2 months of working out, so the total amount of time I have been running a 3x5 program is about 7 months.

I will call it a year though, because one year ago was the time that I decided to get off my butt and start bettering myself!

In terms of diet, I kind of overdid it; force feeding myself and going up to around 4000 calories a day, with the impression that I had to eat as much as possible to grow…

…I got fat.

So now my goal is to lose fat while maintaining or gaining strength if possible.

I will be using this log to note down my workouts and my diet, as well as my progress in improving my posture (I have an anterior pelvic tilt).


09/01/17 workout

Did my workout last night at 11.00pm because my sleep schedule is messed up right now.

Bench 3x5 90kg
Squat 3x5 125kg
Lat Pull 3x8 150lb

After these 3 exercises I was completely dead and had no energy to do anything else. I did something to my mid/lower back on the bench press, felt like I strained it on the last rep (which was a real struggle).

Glad I went to the gym though, and I should be good tomorrow if I go at the usual time of around 3.00pm.



Body weight: 108.9kg

Went to the gym at 17.00.

Squat 3x5 125kg
Pendlay Row 3x5 87.5kg
Lat Pull 3x8 160lb
Ham Curl 3x10 145lb

Sleep has been pretty bad the last couple of days, only got 4 hours last night and 6 hours the night before due to uni. I need to get more sleep in so it doesn’t hold my training back.