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DJD of the knees

I saw an orthopedic surgeon yesterday due to kne problems (mostly pain). There are no tears or anything, just what was diagnosed as DJD, Degenerative Joint Disease. Basically arthritis. Squats and such hurt too much to perform. I now have to make an appointment for therapy where they will put me through some exercises that supposedly strenthen the quads without stressing the knees. Does anyone else have this problem? What types of exercises do you do for legs? I can do leg presses with my feet high on the platform. Deadlifts do not hurt either. Everything else does.

I work for a company that deals with injured workers. A lot of our claimants have DJD. The best advice I have for you is to listen to ALL of your doctor’s orders…especially your physical therapist. One of the exercises to ask him about is calf raises, but every therapist is different. Most importantly, if you are prescribed medication, it is highly recommended that you take your medication as prescribed. I hope this helps.