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DJ: Thursday, Prime Time


I'm sneaking some training in...learning new stuff...how about you?



Just curious as to what you thought of the John Davies article?


What would you say would be better for a thrower? Flat bench or Incline?


I'm definitely not Dan but humbly speaking Dan Johnese I would say he prefers inclines.

There sure is an influx of throwers lately......... is it the influence of Dan John?


Both are good. Mike Stulce did Inclines then Bench and a gold medal is good enough for me.

I might be bringing in those throwing types. Sorry. Keep 'em away from the Buffet.


I liked it...I guess. I know a lot of people who didn't though...


Hahahahah-that's good

What about med balls? Some people say they are overated and some say they are very good.

What do you think? for throwers and other athletes (b-ball, football, etc)


What things do you agree w/Davies on and what things do you disagree with him on?


My newest thing is a refinement of my implementation of the OLAD program. Now, I briefly warm up and then go for a PR in the lift I'm working. Then back up to about 80% of my new max and hit it for 3x8. Add one similar lift for 3x8. Then on some days I carry stuff like you demonstrated on the fabulous and world famous DVD. I've become very good at not exceeding 20 minutes. For now I'm continuing to set PRs. My other source of exercise is a couple of hours a week on the aikido mat. But, that is all the lifting I do and I keep making PRs. I wonder how long it will last until I will need to change up a bit?


Honestly, about two months of OLAD seems right for most people. Take a week or two to do "something else," then come on back. Actually, prepping for a meet or tourney would be perfect...


Coach John,

For the past six weeks or so, I have been doing press-outs after my heaviest sets of push-presses, push-jerks, and jerks, as you suggest in 'From the Ground Up!!!' I have also been doing these after snatches and overhead squats. I haven't had any trouble, but reading over the book again I noticed that you don't mention doing pressouts after wide-grip overhead lifts. Is this a good idea? How about trying to do lower the bar slowly after a non-maximal snatch or overhead squat?


I just don't think it would work. The idea is to pull your shoulder blades forward and I think that has already happened with wide grip stuff...unless you are really doing something wrong...


Hi Dan,

I was just wondering how much rest you typically allow between sets of O-lifts, especially when doing lots of heavy singles. Do you ust wait until you feel ready for the next set or keep it to a consistent time? The reason I ask is that I typically feel I can do the O-lifts with less rest than say a 1 rep set on bench press where you really want to make sure that you are ready to go otherwise you will get into a lot of trouble if you can't finish a rep!




I hear that Iron Judy is also big on pink shirts.



Hmmm... maybe I'm not seeing the whole picture when it comes to these things. Does 'pull the shoulder blades forward' mean the same thing as 'pull the shoulders up towards the ears'?


I don't rest much...and my athletes rest even less. I "know" you should rest longer with the O lifts..up to five minutes...but I like the general sense of "working out."

So, I only really fully rest when I am on the platform at an O lifting meet...the rest of the time, I am usually a little short.

Works for me...but, I have been doing this a while...


Nope. Serratus muscles...look them up.


Just to continue up with our phone conversation today. I'm wondering what's the purpose of max singles? Unless you are preparing to lift in competition, is a garage PR all that helpful to an older lifter? I do a lot of 80-90% max sets, but never try to just do a max. Most of my PR's are the 8-10th lift, where I keep adding 10lbs. Still love those 3x8 sets you started me with.


Good question. I don't do any 1RM's because of the area in my basement


Thanks Dan,

I agree with shorter rests on the O-lifts, they're too much fun to stand around for 5 minutes waiting to do another rep!