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DJ: Prime Time, Monday


Well, National Wt Pent a week ago, Olympic Lifting meet last Saturday and a Highland Games coming up. This is the time of year that I have to be very careful about what I pack for a contest.

What is on everyone's plate?


A 49th birthday in about 90 days. I expect to set several life time best lifts on or about the time of my birthday. Body weight front squat, double body weight dead lift, about 80% of body weight mil press and a 175 clean and jerk. I weigh about 190 at 6' feet tall. I was an accomplished distance runner for most of my adult life so those numbers are a big deal to me. I understand they are not big to most people on this site. I have seen the light - distance running is not where its at.


Another ex-distance runner and middle distance runner reporting in. Got a double body weight deadlift last week, while fooling around after the weight pentathlon.

So here goes, my season for throwing is over until January. I had a very successful year and pickd up 4 more events for throwing. Last year, after stalling out in the discus, I didn't do a lot of throwing between seasons. I tried to work more on GPP and deadlfting.

Now, what? I need to improve my hammer and javelin throwing, that will be just technique. I love to throw the 35# weight, it is a great complete body exercise. What else should I be doing?


James, give us the exact date and we can have a "max" day in your honor...maybe as a workout, everybody has to do "at least" your goals. It would be an "easy" workout on paper!


You sound like someone I know, but I can't place it...

My basic theory is this: in Autumn, you learn new skills. You experiment. You try on new lifts. As a thrower, you need to do the Olympic lifts (I won't even discuss this...do them), so you might want to consider now doing Power Snatch and Overhead Squats as a basic exercise. Sets of five will kill. Soon, sneak down lower and lower and try to squat snatch them.

Small note: my first attempt on the Overhead Squat was with a heavily weighted bar on our old green porch. I dumped the weight and got wedged between the wall and the incline bench. Dad had to pull it off of me. He wasn't pleased.

I would also put together several 1-2-3 workouts with the implements. Like in the javelin:

2-handed med ball throws feet together.
2-hand med ball throws throwing stance
2-hand med ball throws one step
2-hand med ball throws two steps
2-hand med ball throws three steps

Then, one handed (either med ball (small one) or turbojav or whatever).

Outline all your throws like this...



Well, just a lot of training on my end -- national bench meet in less than 30 days and then Master's worlds two weeks after that. I am starting to think I am crazy.


Dan I was reading on another website and they had an article called the no deadlift program and it said that the best way to train your deadlift was to avoid it and work similar exercises only testing the deadlift every now and then.

Kinda of like westside and they said to use exercises like good mornings. I kinda of think they are right because doing deadlifts hurts and it takes me a long time to recover. What do you think?


OK, so far. Believe it or don't, I actually have people asking what I'm doing for work outs. You can say mostly faking it. What about the hammer? I broke my springco powerball on Sunday, so I need to replace it. I've got a hammer handle and a nylon sling. Usually hook this up to the powerball and throw.

I'll do the power snatches. I'm big on dumbbell snatches because they kill me.
I'm also forcing myself to do front squats and back squats. I still do tons of overheads.


How's it going Dan?

  1. Check out Charles Staley's newest article that posted today here on T-Mag. It reminds me a lot of what you talk about (chaos, random-structured training)I've been doing a lot of that lately. You have to keep progressing but you also have to really keep it fun and interesting or you'll get bored, burned out, injured, etc.

  2. When you reached your goal of 21 pullups earlier this year, how did you set it up? ladders every day? ladders every other day? I'm seem to be stuck around 10.

  3. Do you ever drink sodas/cokes? How often?


Well, I deadlifted 628 without having done a deadlift in months...maybe years. I noted that my deadlift went down when I deadlifted. I built it up with snatches and cleans and the carryover was incredible.

Now, this is not necessarily a worldwide truism. It worked for me...

I have found that certain things...Olympic lifting, kettlebell training and gymnastics....seem to have an amazing carryover to other sports. Other stuff: zero.

So...I would give it a shot...


Look into a chain hammer now. It won't hurt the grass at Aragon at all....

  1. I just did pullups of some kind every day...that is all I needed for 21.

  2. No, I think water is good. And scotch...


Hi Dan,

Just thought I'd put my 2 cents worth in.
I'm working towards celebrating my 50th B-day in Dec.
The goal is a 500lb. deadlift, (I'm @ 425), a 250lb. behind the head push press (don't have a current max but I'm doing 3 sets of 3 with 230), and a 400lb. back squat (again, no current max but I'm doing 3 sets of 5 with 315).
Not huge numbers but I'll be happy.
Oh, and I'm still playing with the "Pillars of Pain" as you so aptly named them.


Dan I'm interested in your products - could you tell me about the DVD etc?



Lifting after 35 is dangerous.

You guys should stop and take up wood carving.


My name is Dan, I've seen the DVD, and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Friday night. Thus, I am TOTALLY qualified to answer this question. Additionally, being a Dan John groupie means that, even if I'm not qualified, I'm gonna respond anyway.

Things you need to know:
(1) Dan has a dog
(2) it has a star-studded cast
(3) random heavy stuff gets carried, dragged, and pulled
(4) you have to buy it here: http://www.crossfitnorcal.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=35
(5) did I mention that Dan has a dog
(6) rating: two arms up




1-When I clean a barbell, I hold it incorrectly, similar to the top position of a reverse curl because of past wrist injuries which have limited my flexibility.
Someone told me it is possible to hold the bar in the correct position without a lot of wrist flexibility by raising the elbow higher, do you agree with this in general or does it come down to wrist flexibility?

2-I want to start doing snatches. Are there any recommendations for a beginner? 3 times a week? two times a week? Is 4 sets of 3 okay?

Thanks for your time.


Naw -- might cut myself! :wink:


BFG:Wood carving is no picnic either. I can count on my three fingers how many times I've hurt myself.

DJ: You've discussed the merits of the DB snatch. You've discussed the merits of the Power Snatch/OH Squat combo. In your opinion, is there any merit to attempting a DB snatch/DB OH Squat? Seriously.



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