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DJ Names?


My friends and I have recently started mixing when we all go the new fruity loops producer edition. The stuff I've posted on my myspace has gotten a lot of props so I figure I needa good DJ name.
Anyone have any good suggestions for a sick DJ name???

Thanks in a advance


DJ Stride

(I'm chewing stride gum at the moment, first thing that came to mind.)


DJ ScrotusPuff


DJ T-Bag


DJ Names


You play around in a computer program. You aren't a DJ.

When you've sunk thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into learning to mix and scratch, THEN you can start worrying about getting a "sick DJ name."

This is equivalent to the guy who joins a Karate class asking people what they think his "badass UFC nick name" should be.




what music do you spin?


Producing stuff on FL and spinning records are two very different things. One is production, the other is actually DJing. So no, you don't need a DJ name.


I just bought a camcorder. Does anyone have any good movie director names?

I figured Spielberg X or something like that should work but wanted options.


DJ Tanner


I'd be "Chief Wolf Axe-kicker"


Do you play vinyl or MP3s? What do you spin?


DJ Alkaline

DJ Whisker J Naughty

DJ race riot

DJ Wolf Howling at the Moon T-Shirt $15.98

DJ Doorknob

DJ Dont Bother

Dj Fruity Loops Player

DJ Free Progz

DJ Buttons


DJ I stole 300andAbove's avatar


I have been doing both for some time. And your DJ name should reflect what your name you have used so far. Or else nobody will see your work as the same and your basically starting over to get that name established.

Just a producers tip. Get out of fruity loops and use Cakewalk Cubase Ableton(my personal fav) and a shit load of VST and VSTi's.

Another if you get signed to a label make sure your at least own or have the right to produce with the samples you use. Unless you pump out boots like I do.




My suggestion is DJ Dee Jay. Although it's probably been done before.


If you're using a computer or not, there is definitely nothing wrong with considering a DJ name to help market yourself...and you don't have to prefix the name with 'DJ'.

Whichever one you do decide, don't forget to cross-check it against
http://www.thedjlist.com/ or google to see if somebody already has that name...last thing you'll need is for people to mistake you for another DJ that plays shite music (e.g. speedcore or donk DJs!).

Also..try to ignore those old farts that will claim your not a DJ as you use a computer....they will all eventually die and be buried with their vinyl.


in all fairness, electronic dj's are becoming very prolific these days. even though most electronic stuff leans more towards mash-up than "traditional" hip-hop / turntable mixing it's still a perfectly legit genre.

but seriously, until you start playing on a stage in front of actual people, or at least get really serious into production, i wouldn't worry about a name.

as an aside, most electronic dj's don't use "dj" in their name anyway.


did someone say Dee Jay Tanner?