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DJ: Monday, Prime Time


I'm here tonight...for a while. I have a commission meeting, but I wanna talk football.


Just curious - how's the new job going? Are you focusing on conditioning or does being in charge of the program change your goals and priorities somewhat?


I'm not a ND fan. (Georgia) But can you believe the turn around? What offense do you run? We run the veer option and we are getting crushed. Very hard to make a comeback


Well, a lot of moms are mad. It's funny, I'm standing with one mom telling me this is the best class of her kid's life while opening a note complaining that "my daughter is sore."

Go figure.

I'm teaching the O lifts...and intensity.


Okay. Football.

Utah 31, Utah State 7.
Were you at the game?
I know you were at the Juan Diego game.

Texas over Ohio State. Woohoo.
Pittsburgh lost. Yes!
I'm assuming you meant college football.


sorry no football talk from me, (being from England 'football' for me is played with a round ball by a load of over-paid wannabe pop-stars anyway, and goal-less draws are sometimes considered good games - you probably wouldn't like it...)

Anyway, my question, I either read or else dreamt up that you were going to be using a combo of OLAD and crossfit this winter with your athletes. Sounds interesting - care to expand at all?? Are you going to be doing the WOD as prescribed or just using crossfit-esque principles?


We run the veer, too. It takes a while...but you can win with all kinds of kids.


When I was at Utah State, we would send our JVs down to Utah for some seasoning and an easy day.



Usually we finish better than we start. We graduated the whole backfield along with the starting center. Our QB from last year is going to Bucknell. That's big for this area.
Your 49ers cost me in the pool this week. Nolan looks like a good motivator.


Actually, we put together a rather comprehensive list of the crossfit "girls" and then combined the One Lift ideas. It seems to be working...so far. I sent a few people the workouts, but it isn't worth your time seeing it as you would get hung up in the terms and miss the picture. So, yes, it does work and you don't have to lose your mind trying to make it perfect...it is pretty good.



Do you believe todays lineman are too fat (high school kids at 300 pounds!!) and are they going to keep getting larger?

I do find it amazing how quick these 300 pounders in the pro are. They must generate a tremendous amount of force to get that mass moving.


I'm an oly lifter. I want a thick back .(if it's the size of Rigert's back I will be satisfied:)
Whenever I up my calories I add leg mass, but nothing on my upper body.
Any suggestions?


Genetics are a funny thing. Anybody who teaches or preaches that they can "turn anyone into an NFL player" is a liar and a cheat.

I always argue: pick good parents. These 300 pounders who are quick have chosen parents who have quick 300 pounders.

Or, like I tell my athletes, if you go to a family picnic and everybody weighs 300-400 and you choose to drink lots of soda and ignore breakfast and stop training and eat pizza and all the rest: you can join that club, too!


1). Lost interest in NFL football.
2). Still enjoy some college football except for the nutty schools that let felons play and recruit players that will never graduated and are never expected to open a book. My favorite team OSU Buckeyes doesn't do any of that bad stuff.
3). Community college and high school football are my favorites. Generally good guys, a few are good athletes, lots of fun to watch, mostly great attitudes on the field. Sportsmanship.
4). The occasional 300 lbs high school lineman is not an athlete, simply a road block and the failure of a coach to make an athlete. He is not healthy, his young body is not developed sufficiently to support all that fat. He is on the fast track to disaster.


I would suggest Olympic Lifting. I mean, really, what is better? Nothing...

The only thing that matters is the weight over your head, so don't worry about how you look. The O lifts will take care of you.


I love the DII and DIII championships on TV in November. Wouldn't a DI championship be simply amazing?


The air is turning cool here in New England and it turns my thoughts to helmets cracking on Saturdays and Sundays. Huge Cowboys (Dallas) fan.

So here's a question: Who would you typically see as being the best athletes by position in football? Granted, everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a great athlete, but just based on how you see it. I'm curious.



What we used to call the "Second Level" ...the linebacker corps and the strong safeties. I found that recruiting fullbacks and tight ends in high school tended to take care of most of my needs as a throws coach. The tailbacks would have been D1 scholarships, but the high school basketball coaches would steal them...and the quarterbacks.

Because...there are SO many 6' 0" white kids from Utah in the NBA and D1 basketball...



A little quiet tonight...

Is it something I said?



Long time reader, first time poster who just moved to springfield, Illinois.

I am 37 and have read you for a long time.

I, since november, have been lifting in my garage. Got a 24kg kettlebell and really enjoy your articles.

I have just started your OLAD with a little twist:

Day 1: Push Press, (L-sit for time at the end)
Day 2: Deadlifts (maybe some ab wheel, maybe not)
Day 3: Dunno yet, maybe off
Day 4: OH Squats, maybe janda situps
Day 5: Some cleans and snatches, then some garage strongman stuff like sled drags and pulls, waiter walks and farmers walks and as many pushups with my 45# vest and some improvised stone carries (my oly dumbbell loaded to as much as possible -160#so far and carry it like an atlas stone) goal: be done in under 45 minutes.

I have ordered a sportkilt and have sent some e-mails and am going to try my hands at a highland games in the spring or summer. I used to wrestle in college, but haven't done anything since.

Today was good but tough, I finished 7 sets of 5 in 15:56 and did 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 165, 175. Then I did 2 l-sits, 1 for 30 sec and the other for 20.

Bwt was 220.

I just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are. It's amazing how giving yourself a goal can motivate you.

Now my question: How did the Murray Institute of Lifelong Fitness get it's name and could we ever see some pictures?