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DJ: Monday, Prime Time

Newbies to lifting?

Tech first. Burn all magazines at the store, too.

Next, combine lifts into small complexes.

Third, add a little walk into the small complexes…

Then, intensity.

The tech will make them very sore…

[quote]Danny John wrote:
Rugby would naturally fit the Four Seasons approach. Reread Shaf’s wonderful “one lift a day” and “GPP” article in Get Up concerning rugby…

bg100 wrote:
Hi Dan,

Just wondering if you could take a look at the question I asked in your “Four Seasons of Training” thread from last week, especially in regards to training a newbie to lifting.

Thanks Dan,



Dan i took your advice and spent quite awhile (4 months) trying to perfect my technique on the snatch and clean and jerk. Now I’m starting to add the poundage I weigh 250 at 8% bodyfat age 22 im planning to compete what would be a good average poundage range to shoot for currently i’m using 365 on the clean and jerk and for the snatch i just did a double with 225