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Dizzy/Sweating After Training

Wow, just had some weird shit happen to me and am wondering if I should go get it checked out by a doc.

I took 1 Spike! this morning, had a solid breakfast, had pre-workout Surge, then went and trained. During training, I decided to hit some high rep squats. I did 235 for 40 reps, then 225 for 30 reps. Felt dizzy but I knew that was going to happen. Finished up with some good mornings and crunches with medicine ball throws.

Anyway, left the gym feeling ok, a little dizzy but nothing seirous. I drank my Surge and ate a banana. I then decided to go get a haircut. While I was getting a haircut, started sweating like crazy, feeling really dizzy, and sort of like everything was far away. The barber actually had to stop cutting my hair and put a cold rag on my neck to try to get me to calm the fuck down.

I’ve been training really hard lately with BJJ, Muay Thai, and weights. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

Worth going to the doc or just normal reaction to high rep squats and I’m just a pussy?

I’ve had this kind of delayed reaction, usually accompanied by dry heaves, after a hard workout. It’s usually only like a five minute delay though. I guess the blood pressure drop from workout level to resting level is the trigger. Sounds like you had a pretty long delay though - I’ve never heard of that.