Dizzy on Fat Fast

I have a female friend of mine who was doing the fat fast with a few cheats in between. She has been conplaining about being dizzy and not being able to concentrate. I didn’t have this problem after the first week so I do not know what to tell her anyone know what this could be. I think it is her body going through a metabolic shift every time she cheats but I do not know for sure. Anything would help. She has tried eating real meat to get it to go away but that is not working now.

I tried the fast for three weeks. I had to give up because of horrible cramping in my stomach, and generally feeling shitty. I learned I can not survive without carbs. Perhaps she should try the ‘Eat like a man diet’ it has low carbs and high protein.

Going into ketosis really fucks up some people’s brain function. She may get over it if she sticks with it for a while, or she may decide that it’s not worth it. Similarly, just being massively hypocaloric really fucks some people up too. I guess it could be either thing. Has she tried a less extreme approach to dieting? She may find it preferable.

The first time or two is tough in ketosis, but cheating will NOT help. Just endure the week or so of fuzziness and it will get easier. Use an ECA or MD6, as the stimulants will help keep her alert. I remember being dreadfully tired the first time I did it, but it got easier and easier. Nowadays I can pretty much coast on any low-carb regimen. Good luck