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Dizzy Leg Workouts

Everytime I work legs I get lightheaded and feel weak. Sometimes I can’t finish my leg workout. I never have this problem with any other body part. Anyone had the same problem or have a solution?

What does the meal prior to your workout consist of? How long after you eat this meal do you train?

I found this to be the same for me. Personally I’m sure that its just that I am not getting enough oxygen. Now, sometimes when I move up in weight ( for all the sets) I notice that I’m out of breath and thats when I get dizzy. I simply have to concentrate on breathing in plenty of good fresh air and exhaling when appropriate ( depending on the excercise) It takes alot more oxygen than you might think to perform excercises that work large muscle groups. I’m no scientist and hell I’m not even certified in any kind of training, but I know that dizzy feeling and its usually because I’m not breathing ( holding my breath ) or not breathing properly and at the right time. My suggestion is to try and be aware of your breathing and regulation of it.

Do you feel sick at your stomach as well? If so its most likely from lactic acid build up try doing more sets and fewer reps per set. Hope this helps – outlaw.

we need more info because there can be many causes. maybe you are out of shape relative to your training. ease up slightly on your training until you are in better shape. or maybe you’re simply overtraining. do you eat enough before leg training? what does your workout look like? how old are you? how many years training experience do you have? how long have you been doing legs?

I experienced this one time on a single set of leg presses when I tried to do a max set. I saw this amazing pattern of stars, everything went black and I almost passed out. Scared the bejesus out of me and I’ve been more careful ever since. I have felt light-headed too, before, but this was when I first started training legs. Please let us know more details.

You arent by chance holding your breath, are you? I catch myself doing it all the time sqauts and deads for some reason. Can you say valsalva? makes you dizzy and lightheaded, and gives you a headache later.

i ahve had that same problem before as well.last summer i use to get very lightheaded during my leg exercise program.the program started with leg lifts,followed by jump squats,cone hops and box jumps and then to add insult to injury…hang cleans.by the time i got to the hang cleans,i use to have to lie down on the ground for a few minutes to straiten out.my guess is that i was hitting it a bit too intensely and a slower pace with less weight was probably the answer.i of course did not try to change the program but i did manage to get thru it.best of luck

you have what we call in my gym as the “caleb” syndrome. dont worry, i get it all the time after a shitload of squats. the reason we call it the caleb workout is last year i was doing a high rep/set/volume quad workout, and i started to black out, then i started seeing stars, one of which looked like a white buffalo. my buddy had the same thing happen to him a few years back, so we named the white buffalo caleb. needless to say i will be hanging out with caleb tommorow (GVT legs), so ill tell him you say hi.

I’m 28, 5’8 170 9%. Been training for about 7 years but never really been into legs because of bad knees. Legs are my only lagging part.

I long before I work out should I eat a pre-workout snack? Is an hour optimal? I didnt eat yesterday for like four hours before my workout. By the time I got done lifting I was dizzy as hell. Thanks in advance.

From experience, it generally means I’m either not paying enough attention to my breathing, or I’m using poor form “IE: leaning forward when i squat”.

Also, pre-workout stimulants could be raising your blood pressure.

change breathing techniques or work in lower rep brackets. i used to have the same problem

Sounds like your not breathing properly.

Thanks for the advice. I am sore as hell today and I think that since I seem to shy away from leg day that I’m pretty sure I’m not breathing correctly. I am still searching for the perfect leg workout that is easy on the knees.