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Dizzy During and After Workout

Suddenly in the last 1-2 weeks I’ve gotten dizzy and light headed during my workout (about half way), and it has forced me to stop my workout prematurely due to balance issues. What really scares me, is that the dizziness doesn’t subside after exercise but persists for several hours afterward, and usually accompanied by nausea.

Things to note: I’ve just had the flu, these are my workouts about 1 week after recomencing. I also started using waxy maize starch as my carbohydrate in my PWS instead of maltodextrin. At the same time as starting this new supplement I’ve switched to a 3 session per week full body workout (one exercise per main muscle group, generally 3x10 setup)

. I’ve been weightlifting regularly for 2 years, body part splits mostly, but I have done this format of full body workout before, and dizziness has never been an issue for me, regardless of intensity. Fluids during workout are high, and I believe I’m following correct breathing techniques.

Thanks in advance.

It might just be because you recovering from the flu still.

Have you had your blood pressure checked lately?

Check your BP. May be low or even high. See your doctor.

There are many other threads about this same thing. If you really are concerned about it, go see a doctor. I’m sure they will be better able to help you than we are.

Went to the doctor, had BP and other stuff checked, all good and normal, so I had a blood test done (results will take 2 days) so if everything appears fine, I’m really thinking that its either because I recently had the flu, but I’ve got a stronger feeling that its due to taking waxy maize starch, because I heard it draws in fluids and maybe I don’t have enough left. I don’t know, anyone got experience with WMS?

could be dehydration,could be BP issues.
could also be a blood sugar issue.

try addressing these see what happens
keep up on the doc though because even if you have no resting BP issues you should have a stress test done to see if you can duplicate the complaint that way they know whats up.

I don’t have any suggestions for you unfortunately…never had to deal with this myself. Just wanted to let you know that I currently do use WMS startch and I have never experienced this.

Thanks, for your replies, and thanks Josh, anyone else got experience with WMS (waxy maize starch), and is it just the product I have or do they all taste crap?

And side question, with my post workout shake, should I combine my carbs and protein as one shake (as I do) and I add about 300ml water, or two seperate shakes?

I agree with Nich. If blood work and bp checks are normal but problem still persists, inquire with your doc about a stress test; therefore, you can make sure your bp and ekg is responding appropriately to different levels of stress.