Dizzy and low energy - on day 5

I am female, age 33, 5ft4, weighing 185lbs. I live with chronic pain but do deadlifts, rows etc 1-2 times per week with physio. I am managing to power walk for 30 mins each day, but not always first thing in the morning as pain levels are high. I am finding the diet manageable, but definitely feel dizzy and low energy late morning / early afternoon. I am hopeful this will pass, today I ate some celery to tide me over to HSM. My husband worries this will effect my weight loss but surely not?!

Hey, I want to encourage you with what you’re doing - you are obviously motivated and focused.

Celery shouldn’t be an issue - tell your husband to back off and eat a celery stick also.


Are you using any manner of electrolyte supplement? Or, if nothing else, taking in some salt? This is a lower carbohydrate approach to nutrition, and carbs tend to be what hold onto water/salt. Very easy to get dizzy/low energy with an electrolyte imbalance.


No I’m not, I did read about the salt and noted it made the shakes e en sweeter, which honestly I’d struggle with… But daily electrolytes is a good idea! Any recommendations on best type and best time of day to consume? Thank you! I’m already 5lbs down :grin:

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Thanks for the giggle! Having some sort of raw low cal veggies as one snack a day would definitely help me stick to this diet!

Salt can be added to the HSM, if that helps curb sweetness issues.

Sodium and potassium tend to be the biggest balancing points with electrolytes, but there’s also something to be said for magnesium and zinc. Ultimately, you’d want to look for something without sugar/calories, and they could be throw into the shakes or included in the water you’re drinking as part of the diet.

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