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Dizzy After Neck Curls


When I do neck curls I start to feel dizzy, and my head hurts after a few reps. Is there anyway to do them without feeling like shit, or another way to work neck flexion? Or am I just being a pussy and need to man up?




Get a neck harness and use that instead. Should go a long way.


Fold a small towel on your forehead or wear a beanie.




This is what I tried last night, although instead of doing curls, I simply held my neck at a neutral angle along my spine. Would this work as well as neck curls or should I do the curls?


Don't just hold your neck at a neutral angle, move your head up and down.


But what is giving a headache is the motion. I get motion sickness, and I think that is what makes my head hurt during these, so how well would static holds compliment neck extensions?


This is new data. I thought this only happened with the neck curls.

Keep your eyes closed while doing the neck harness. I find I only feel sick if I am watching the world move while I do the movement. If that doesn't work, focus on one point on the floor.


Yeah sorry, I should have said that exactly before. And I'll try closing my eyes when doing neck curls. Although I wonder why it would bother me on curls and not extensions


Don't try closing your eyes on neck curls. I am sorry, I am not making myself clear.

Ditch the neck curls. Do neck harness work instead. If doing neck harness work continues to make you sick, close your eyes while you do it.


Ok, well I use the harness for extensions, should I do curls with it too? Instead if the weight on my forehead?


I am unable to help you. Good luck with your training.


sorry for not understanding exactly what your saying, thanks though


What Punisher is saying but indirectly because he's trying to be nice, is that you need to either put up with the dizziness OR stop doing neck curls. You have a shitty inner ear imbalance and it's making you dizzy. MAke sure your ears are clean. By clean I mean way in there. You may have some wax buildup pressing on your eardrum and that's messing you up. OR you may just get "seasick" easy.
If you have bands, maybe do the neck curls standing by attaching the band to something and placing the bands on the forehead.


I get that, and I know I have fluid that builds up in my right Eustachian tube that might contribute to it as well. And that's a good idea with the bands. And I think I'll just have to quit being a pussy and deal with a little nausea


yup, do what strengthdawg says, neck curls with bands are awesome, and you can make it as hard as you like. plus if you dont mind the rubber biting you a bit you can even do rotational work with bands that is hard to do with other implements.

the other thing ive done is take two of those stupid velcro ankle straps that every gym has ten of (but no dip belt or neck harness, go figure), undo the velcro and put the hook bit onto the loop of the other, and vice versa to make a big loop with a couple of d-rings around the edge. put a towel round it so all the other gym bunnies dont hate you forever, then put it over your head (preferably make it about the size of your head, duh) and you can do curls, extensions and side bends with a pulley machine. youll love the looks people give you too.

also, do reverse neck bridges, except dont push all the way til your neck is vertical (or you'll probably go too far and end up with your forehead on your sternum, the only time this happened to be was in a collapsed scrum and it wasnt pleasant, dont do it). its more of a static hold but you can get some movement in there if youre strong enough to pull yourself up from faceplant position into half reverse bridge. if not you can use your arms to decrease the load, much like pushing yourself into a headstand.

alright, im a couple beers deep at work on a friday afternoon so that might not make any sense. do neck work! it makes you indestructible