Dizziness after Injection

I’ve been on TRT for primary hypogonadism for 6 months now. I am on the typical 200mg test cyp every 2 weeks. Today i received an injection about an hour later I began to feel dizzy. The dizziness is intermittent but is there. Could this be a reaction to the meds? Its the first time that I have ever had this reaction. It’s weird that after 6 months I now feel this way.

Doubtful. Is this a one time thing? They didn’t switch carrier oils or anything correct?

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Nothing changed. Everything was the same. My lab work was given to me yesterday and everything was normal. To include my cbc, lmp, and testosterone. This morning, I’m feeling better. Was a weird experience.

These ancient outdated protocols were originally made for the family doctors unfamiliar with TRT, not endocrinologists and urologists who are often no better.

These every 2 week protocols also see higher rates of erythrocytosis. Your testosterone and estrogen reach supraphysiological levels 2-4 days after injection, followed by subtherapeutic levels by day 10-14.

A lot of doctors are operating on old knowledge and outdated guidelines, practicing medicine the way it was taught decades ago and haven’t read any new guidelines since.

You need around 75-100 mg injection a week per endocrine guidelines.

Your symptoms could be caused by 100 different things.

These symptoms could be caused by erythrocytosis, especially if you have comorbidities.

Personally I think all men should have their ferritin tested 3-6 months after starting TRT, because TRT increases EPO which increases erythroferrone, lowering hepcidin and ferroportin lets iron release from hepatocytes and therefore ferritin doesn’t rise.

This happens in some men, myself included and dizziness is one of those symptoms I experienced as a result of crushed ferritin. I would feel dizzy shortly after my injection.

Are you on something else besides TRT.

How do you increase ferritin? Iron sup?

If the cause is TRT, then iron supplements is a must!

It is weird, especially after a dozen previous injections without a problem. An allergy or reaction to the preservative, or carrier oil can happen, but unlikely after six months. I know, never say never. I have never heard of a reaction similar to this from a patient.

Testosterone is a slow acting, long lasting hormone. Add the ester to it. It does not hit your system like insulin. The testosterone injection one hour earlier did not cause dizziness.

Regarding your dosing protocol, it is true that no TRT clinic would use twice monthly schedules. We use anywhere from once a week to once a day, with twice a week being the most popular. Most new guys have already done “research” on the internet and have settled on twice weekly. Makes no difference to me, whatever gives them the results they desire.

As for the 200mg, every other week dose, almost every PCP and urologist uses that schedule. I don’t know how many see them for TRT, I think the last I read was over 600,000, but the vast majority of these guys are happy with their results. At least they are happy enough that they do not want to switch to a practice that does not take insurance.

I suppose you’ll know for sure after your next dose. Good luck.

What’s your lead supplement recommendation for low ferritin?