DIY Referee Lights

Hi All,

Has anyone had any experience building a set of referee lights?

Our club has little… well, zero funds and we figured a big bunch of boys could probably whip something together.

Thanks In Advance

I have never done it, but it would be pretty simple and easy. The way I thought was just use 6 light bulbs, 3 white and 3 red. Wire the sockets into switches and wire it up to a wall plug. money in the bank. Just go to a hardware and get as long as wiring you would need to run it to the switches and wire everything up.

Are these manually operated?

If so, some cheap ass lamps and red cellophane into a powerboard with individual switches and done.

You can wire it up yourself (instead of buying lamps) for basically nothing too.

Google search “powerlifting referee lights electric” and the first thing that pops up is a blueprint for making the referee lights. It looks pretty simple. Just buy some wood to mount the lights on, 6 bulbs, 6 sockets (ceiling socket would be easy to mount to the wooden board), 3 SPDT switches for red/white lights, 1 SPST switch for on/off, and the wires. I’m guessing that’ll cost around $30. You could get fancy and make it a closed box but the budget already seems tight.