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DIY Pull-Up Tower


need help making a pull-up tower, must be strong & sturdy to hold min 350 lbs
the one in beginning of this vid is just what i need


You know that you can buy a power tower with pull ups/dips/leg raises that usually have wt capacities of 300+ for less than $150

i saw one the other day with the dips and pulls up with a wt limit of 300 for $75


that guy is really bad


that one in the vid tho looks just right
simple pipes from hardware store, prob under $50 total



Not sure of your situation, but you would be better off mounting the bar from the bottom of ceiling joists. One, you would use shorter pipes this way. Second, it would be a lot sturdier.
I ran a 2X10 across the bottoms of several ceiling joists, then used two flanges, two nipples, two elbows, and one pipe with threaded ends.
You could also make parallel grip handles the same way (substituting two pieces of short pipe for the one long pipe and changing the orientation of the elbows.


I made one in my back yard using 2x4's and a fence post. The fence post is cheaper than the black pipe and very sturdy.


What kind of help do you need? Someone to physically come help you build it?

Or just some plans?


"Freestanding Pullup Bar II"


I would like to see which products you are referring to. My chin dip station goes for $400. It's commercial grade, but I don't see anything out there worthwhile for $150.

Also OP, you could buy a Stud Bar for about $160. Hopefully the pic loads.


For heavy weights, I would use something that stands in the floor and not attached to a ceiling...


If you saw the 8 screws that come with it you wouldn't worry about it. You can always mount it to your wall if you're concerned.


wall or ceiling mount won't work fot me.

inkaddict, that's what i been looking for , thanks everyone.