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DIY No-Drill Farmer's Walk Handles


I cut a square the size of the rubber part of the clamp, applied the glue, and then clamped it onto the pipe to force contact between the rubber square and the clamp.


I had handles and posts to load plates welded on two chunks of railroad rail that I picked up at the scrap yard. I hit them with a wire wheel and painted them. My handles are smooth and all I’ve ever used is chalk. I’ve never tried it but honestly in my mind’s eye I think putting tape on would make them harder to hold onto.


Just for clarification, are we talking sch. 40 PVC? I’ve been eye balling this post for a while and I’m about to have some free time this winter. I’m employed at a landscape supply company, so the majority of these parts should be within arms reach for me.


No, definitely not PVC… sch 40 1.5" steel pipe.


I thought that seemed crazy, but the scaring on the pictures didnt look like steel


I just want to say thank you to the author of this post.