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DIY No-Drill Farmer's Walk Handles


I’m just going to throw up a few pictures of a pair of Farmer’s Walk handles I built from off-the-shelf parts from the hardware store. I’d seen several designs that required drilling through the steel, and I really didn’t have the bits, the clamps, or the time to do that, so I came up with another option.

Only needs an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver to assemble.

As far as the pipe, the place that sells the pipe can/will usually cut it down to size for free. In the midwest, I could buy 10’ of 2" pipe at Lowe’s/Home Depot/Menards, but on the west coast I had to ask around and get it from a plumbing supply place in town.

Assembly should be pretty obvious from the photos. The only thing to take note of is that there’s two washers and a nut on the underside of the handle, just to keep it from slipping down the bolts.

Basic parts list:

  • 2x 5’ to 6’ long pieces of 1-1/2" inner diameter Schedule-40 pipe (roughly 1.9" outside diameter). Mine are right around 5’6 apiece.
  • 4x 3/4" diameter black pipe T’s
  • 2x 12" long, 3/4" diameter black pipe nipple
  • 8x hinged pipe hangers (see pics)
  • 4x long bolts that screw into the pipe hangers
  • 8x large washers to go around the bolt and next to the Ts
  • 4x small washers to transition between the large washers and the nuts
  • 4x nuts to hold the handles on at the end of the bolts
  • 4x vise-clamp style collars to keep the plates from sliding off the end

Vise-clamp style collars need to be clamped down hard to keep the plates from sliding off the end if they get dropped hard

The bolts should be long enough so that he handle can be used to keep it from rolling away

I may update this with better measurements.

Trying to Become a Strongman

you must have been /is plumber
looks simple, easy to do


I like it a lot. You might want to add more washers at the top though and just make sure your hangers are rated for 400lbs so there is no chance of them breaking.


Good call on that. I looked it up, and those hangers are rated at 180 pounds apiece, static load.

There are conduit hangers rated at 400 pounds apiece, static load. There’s also clevis hangers rated much more than that, but they don’t clamp down so you’d have to find a way to keep them from sliding along the pipe. Or you could use a standard pipe clamp with an eye bolt/rod if you’re ok with the handles swinging a bit from your hand.

I’ll switch out to one of those options if/when one of these breaks.


It might be fun to test one to failure if you have the money/time.


if you wanted to get fancy you could buy a strain gauge and measure the elongation and get a good estimate of how strong your set up is…but that is the scientist in me talking.