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DIY? Installing Water Softener?


New house I bought in Oct. doesn't have a water softener.

Some people sear by them. Others say not necessary.

Thoughts / opinions?

I read somewhere that the amount of excess sodium you consume in a year from a water softener realy adds up? Extra .lbs!

Then I read that to prevent minerals from depositing in your water lines a water softener is necessary. Apprently that excess deposit can corrodie water lines?

If this is true, how long does it take? Would I be ok waiting a couple yrs? Or by then would it be too late?

Someone also said you can hook up the water softener to whichever water ines you want. So if I didnt want softened water going to my drinking water I dont have to hook it up there?

And last.... Has anyone installed and hooked up one in their house on their own? Simple DIY?

Thanks in advance


I wouldnt do it.

Softening water makes you susceptible to leaching metals from the water pipes and faucets.

That and I don't put chloride into me intentionally.


Also, softened water isn't suitable for drinking or cooking, so you'll have to get another faucet for that AND to lessen your lead risk.

Just read the pro's and con's of it. More cons than pro's if you ask me.


we have naturally soft water where I live, and it feels like I never get all of the soap off. I also don't drink tap water if I can help it, so I don't know about that bit.


If your water is very hard, I'd get the softener to reduce the problems with mineral deposits everywhere and get an RO filter in the kitchen for drinking and cooking.


Wow!!! This is all news to me!!!

So you guys are saying not to get a water softener?

I thought you could drink water that has been softened? Just heard that the extra sodium adds up. But you shouldnt drink it at all?

Now I just bought a samsung front load washer and dryer. Would a water softener be necessary for this?


I like them , they are also good for your plumbing


info for RO


I don't know how it would affect my plumbing? all .y plumbing and piping is plastic


I work for a company that sells water treatment systems.Get your water tested to see whats in it first before you spend any money treating for something thats not a problem.Too many ppl. dump a ton of money on equipment that they dont need and dont have it tested by someone thats trying to sell you something


thanks. how do I go about getting my water tested? just put some in a small jar. seal up. but who should I go to? I think my water tastes fine. and have no problems with soap in shower. I do notice in the shower though after a shower water spots on the wall and water spots on the chrome faucets.




we have a very high alkaline content in our water.

Me,I have a private well so I installed a whole house,auto backwash,filter system and an second RO filtration system under the kitchen sink and a UV filtration system on the washer.

it is not an easy job but it is worth it,My water is not treated at all as it comes straight from the ground.

all municipal water systems have added florine and chlorine and other stuff. mine does not

and a pro tip here.
I used to work for a Soda bottler,and the bottled water you guys chug down is nothing more than filtered city tap water.

its ran through a submicron RO filtration system and then bottled in a bottle that was cleaned using ozone and thats it.
would save a ton of money getting your own filtration system.


how much of a pussy are you that you need your water to be extra soft before you can drink it?


It's not meant for drinking, idiot.

Softening water allows you to use less water to lather up soaps in bathing and in laundry, but I'm sure your mommy takes care of that.


Based on your posts here you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Or you have a sense of humor that I am just not getting.

Is your water coming from a well or is it city water.
In the case of a well:
Get your water tested to find out what is in the water. You will need a system to filter out what is in your water. It could be heavy metals, tanic acid, sulfer, Iron who knows. That is why you need to test it. Find out what is recommended by a professional. Then do your own research. Talk with your neighbors to see what they are doing and if it is working.

Bad well water will ruin your coffee maker, dish washer, hot water heater, washing machine, cloths. Leave deposits on your tub, shower sinks. Leave water spots on your car that are hard to remove.

In the case of city water:
It will have lots of chemicals in it that the water treatment plant puts in it. I would not drink that crap without some serious filtration. Reverse Osmosis is considered very effective.

You really should google this topic and get familier with your options before making a decision.


Agreed and also with city water, iron levels can sometimes get too high, too.

I used to work for our town's water department and sometimes the iron content would skyrocket and we would spend all day trying to bring it down.


None of these problems occur overnight. There is an accumulation over time. It just depends on how dad your water is.

You can drink softened water. It may still have a bad taste or odor if your system does not remove what is in your water. So do your homework.

The softened water does make soap lather better then hard water. But this is a good thing. You will need to use less soap. You will feel cleaner when you shower and your hair will look better too.


Yep, but I would not advise drinking softened water. There's too much sodium in shit nowadays as it is.


Damn near choked on that one! LOL
Hoss, sometimes you come up with a zinger! LOL