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DIY Home Gym Equipment


EDIT: Thought this would be a cool topic to post to since I went a different route with my OP.

What DIY gym equipment do you guys have/own?

Would love to see pictures!

I like the idea of doing this:


That DIY photo looks pretty simple and self explanatory.

I’d suggest four posts and tying them all together to make a full cage. If you want pull-up height, it would be very unsteady to only use two.

You’d need four buckets, pressure treated 4x4s (make sure they are PT, so they don’t rot in the concrete) concrete mix and several 2x6s for the lateral connections. Then get a plumbers pipe and flanges for the pull up bar.


Thanks man! So the reason I’m doing the stands is just to be able to move it at any time because I am keeping this in my in law’s garage.

What do you think is the best way to cut the ridges (or put some wooden blocks) to be able to place the bar on to keep it from rolling?

Do you think it can easily hold 315lbs? I mean I know 4x4’s are strong as shit, but would hate for it to just crack lol.


To be honest, if it was me I’d probably just buy a second hand pair of squat rack stands (if I remember correctly I picked up a new pair of squat rack stands for 80 quid that had a weight capacity of 150kgs)…but hey, if it’s sturdy enough, go for it I suppose…


Yes, 315lbs isn’t much, because that load wouldn’t be on each post. The load would be spread out between the two.

Heavy duty J-Hooks attached to each post.

For the pull up bar, you might do a 2x6 on each side, connecting the two posts at the top. For portability sake, you could use two through bolts on each side. Then attach your pull up bar to one of the 2x6.


Thanks for the input man, I think I might give this a try!


What are you gonna do the first time you knock it over while trying to rack it?


Gotta walk around with the weight forever I guess. Meat head life runs deep brah



Highly recommend adding some “feet” to the buckets to help stabilize.


Lol, I was thinking of adding some big stones behind it to keep it from tilting. But I actually am going to buy squat stands. I found a great deal for ones that weight 30lbs each and can hold up to 400lbs lol. All for $60 dollars! Would have been a cool idea though


You could build one for training outside when it’s nice?


Getting these suckers used! I can easily move these outside too though!


But I have been hit with the DIY bug lately. I’m thinking of honestly making a strongman log. Doesn’t seem too difficult.


You come across any good designs post em up. That’s something I might try as well.


This one looks doable. I think it’s just about finding the right chainsaw to cut through using the tip to get the main holes for your hands.

Here’s a link to the guy:

How to Make Your Own Strongman Log


Ya, I saw a few in here:

Definitely pretty cool and something to try.


Those are the ones I got off amazon. They can be stored in my closet so the wife doesn’t complain about turning the room into a gym.


Any ideas on making a free standing pull-up bar?


Can you weld?


I wouldn’t. If I were to DIY something, I’d do a wall hung pull-up bar.